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Simple Pricing

Our Best Rate Guarantee. Always be on our best rate. If we reduce our  rate, it applies to you


Local Support

If you need to contact us, you will hear from a team member based in Australia



Building towards an innovative and more sustainable future for Australia with our Ten Year Plan

100% Australian

Wholly owned and operated in Australia. Running for the benefit of Australians 

Who are Bright Spark Power?​

Bright Spark Power are an independent and 100% Australian owned and operated electricity retailer. We offer electricity for homes and business, across New South Wales and Queensland. We've been around since 2016, but hey... doing the right thing by Australia takes a while to get going. This month, we are celebrating our first birthday... one year of connecting homes and businesses with great customer service - you're friend's word is good, but do call or email.

Why choose Bright Spark Power for your electricity?  

Your friend sent you here because they had a good experience with us. We are focussed on great service and simple straightforward electricity plans. When you switch to Bright Spark Power:

  • You are switching to a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity company with an Australian Owned Triple Star Rating granted by Australian Owned Pty Ltd

  • You'll get a simple straightforward electricity plan backed by Our Best Rate Guarantee, when choosing our Aussie Flat Rate or Aussie Business plan

  • You can reach us on the phone and the person you speak to in our local contact centre is fully trained to help you with any query or issue you might experience

  • You are helping drive a more sustainable, affordable energy future for Australian as outlined in Our Ten Year Plan

How much will electricity cost with Bright Spark Power?  

​You can check the specific rates for your postcode using our postcode checker. When you sign up to an Aussie Flat Rate electricity plan or an Aussie Business electricity plan, you will be on Our Best Rate Guarantee, which means:


  • We guarantee our lowest General Usage rate applies to your contract

  • We will never raise your General Usage rate for the term of your 12-month agreement - but if our prices drop, the new, lower rate, applies to your contract

We want all customers to be on our best offer so you don't have to chase 'a new deal' every 12 months. It's all part of our simple, straightforward pricing. With Bright Spark Power, you get no unnecessary complexity, just simple, straightforward electricity.


Switching takes just a few minutes:


1.  Find your address 
2. Choose your plan 
3. Customise your account   
4. Securely add billing info 

Then just sit back and relax! You do not need to contact your current provider - we take care of everything for you. 


Your electricity service will continue uninterrupted. Your supply will continue to be supported by the same round the clock distributor support. ​

How to switch electricity to Bright Spark Power

Got a specific question? Call 1300 010 277

and speak to our local team 

Bright Spark Power

Simple plans. Local Support.


No confusing tariffs.

Just our best offer.