Why you should install an EV charger in your short-term rental or Airbnb

Updated: Jan 17

Do you offer your home up as an Airbnb or short term rental? If you are looking for ways to differentiate your property - and attract a new audience, you might consider installing an EV Charger so visitors and guests can charge their electric vehicle during their stay.

Why install an EV Charger in your Airbnb or short term rental property?

There is much detail behind the reasons you should install an EV Charger in your Airbnb or short term rental property, but we will try to keep it brief

  1. You can now search for EV charging as a facility on Airbnb - and not many Airbnb's in Australia have them yet. That makes you immediately stand out from your competition.

  2. Ownership of EVs increased over 187% in Australia, in the first half of 2021. People buying new cars want to travel - and they want to travel where its convenient to charge. Thats ANYWHERE that has an Airbnb!

  3. Impress guests with your listing’s sustainability features - whether or not you have solar or own an EV yet yourself - you are showing you are making steps towards an environmentally sustainable future for the tourism industry

  4. Its simple, easy to get installed, and won't cost anywhere near what you probably think (see our next points!)

How much does it cost to install and have an EV Charger in your Airbnb or short term rental property?

There are three costs you need to think about when you are thinking to install an EV charger in your Airbnb

  1. The charger cost – quality wall box EV chargers suitable for the home charging cost anywhere from $800-2,000. The top end chargers have more bells and whistles, and it depends on what features you need that will determine the right charger for you, think features like usage logs, peak time shut off, universal connection etc. The right features are important and will help you 'sell' the fact you have an EV charger at your Airbnb listing, whilst also providing you piece of mind.

  2. The cost to install the charger - Installation needs to be done by a licensed electrician and will depend on things like how far the charger is from your meter box. But lets assume since we're talking bnb, that its a standard home with a garage. The Bright Spark Power home basic car charger installation starts at $999, and ranges to $1599 for the more complex installations.

  3. The cost to use the charger - this is your variable cost and will depend on your electricity plan which will be made up of a daily supply charge and a per kWh rate. The daily supply charge will be paid no matter your usage that day.

To calculate the kWh cost, lets assume your guest is driving an electric car with a 50kWh battery (say, like the popular Tesla Model 3 which will have enough juice for a trip away, with charge stops). If your guest came home for the day with a half battery, the charge required would be 25kWh.

Now, lets say you're based in the Sydney / Ausgrid area on the Aussie Car and Home electricity plan - if you guest is charging overnight - after 8pm they will be charging at 15.99c/kWh

>>>> Thats 0.1599c x 25kWh = $3.99

>>>> If the guest needed a full charge it would be double that - just under $8.

It's worth noting that an EV owner could at anytime use a extension cable and plug into any power socket - the convenience of a specific charger means their car battery will charge a little bit faster. We wrote all about how long does it take to charge an electric vehicle on this blog.

So lets summarise those costs

Installation costs -

  1. Mid-Range universal Charger $1,499.00

  2. Home Basic EV Charger Installation $999

Total price for the installation $2,498.00 with lifetime workmanship warranty.

Ongoing costs - around $8 per day its used, depending on your electricity plan.

With the overage Airbnb listing in Sydney costing well over $300 per night, investing in an EV charger could help differentiate your property and sell it vs your competition.

Bright Spark Power are installing EV Chargers all over New South Wales. Contact Bright Spark Power and get a customised quotation for EV charger installation at your property.


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