Why is it so difficult to compare business electricity plans?

Updated: Feb 3

With multiple meters, multiple rates, tricky pricing, estimate vs actuals and pages of information - it can often be difficult to decipher how much electricity you have really used, on your business electricity bill. Here are the top 3 stumbling blocks business electricity customers who talk to us, say they come across:

1. Time of Use vs Single Rate Energy Tariffs

Your business electricity bill should clearly indicate if you are on a time of use tariff, or a single rate tariff. On a single rate electricity tariff, a business will be charged the one rate for electricity, regardless of the time of day the electricity is used. A time of use business electricity tariff will see a business electricity customer charged different rates depending on the time of day they consume energy. In theory, if you mostly use electricity outside of peak times, on a time of use tariff, it is possible that you'll spend less overall.

Your electricity distributor has set whether you are on a time of use or single rate meter and your most recent electricity bill will show you which rate you are on. When you are comparing business electricity, you should first start by comparing the same tariff you are currently on. However, even if you are on a single rate tariff, it is worth understanding what time of day you use electricity and whether asking to switch tariffs would be better for you, as there are certain circumstances that make it possible to get your tariff changed.

If you call the Bright Spark Power team on 1300 010 277 or send details of your last electricity bill to support@brightsparkpower.com.au with your questions about time of use and single rate tariffs, we can review a solution that best suits your business electricity needs.

2. When is a business electricity comparison, not a business electricity comparison

Searching for business electricity comparisons using many comparison sites can be fraught with traps you may not realise. While you think you are comparing all of the options available, comparison websites are often commercial entities who are working for retailers – only a fraction of who will pay the comparison website fees to be displayed in results. You will often see a disclaimer in the sites FAQs or information… something along the lines of “we compare 10 of the best electricity retailers for business electricity” or “Not all products available from our partners are compared”. Using a comparison website still requires you as the business owner to do all the analysis to truly compare electricity retailers – and, quite often, you will find the site only compares on price – not some of the other values and service you were looking for. Only the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) operates energymadeeasy.gov.au which includes all Electricity Retailer plans.

Bright Spark Power do not ‘pay to play’ on comparison sites. Transparency is a key basis on which we present our straightforward and simple business electricity plan. Ultimately, any fees paid to comparison sites also end up adding to the cost of electricity – and Bright Spark Power is clear about its business electricity rates, and no hidden costs.

3. Energy Made Easy

Energy Made Easy is a free energy price comparison service managed by the Australian Government through the Australian Energy Regulator. Retailers are mandated to put all their electricity plans on this site, so that you, as the business electricity consumer can see all the options available to you.

Bright Spark Power recommend, that if you do want to have a view of the whole market, Energy Made Easy is the best place to start. Bright Spark Power business electricity plans are clearly published on the energy made easy comparison site and many Bright Spark Power business electricity customers come from the energy made easy site.

The name doesn't mean, that choosing your next business electricity plan will be easy. Reviewing all the plans available can be very overwhelming. As with any service, if you are looking to change providers, it helps to work out what you are looking for so that you can best compare providers. Read our other business electricity blog, where we list out a few things you might look for when making the decision to switch business electricity providers.

In living up to the value of transparency, when you find a Bright Spark Power plan on energymadeasy.gov.au, it is the same plan that we advertise on our website. Simple, honest, and straightforward. We here at Bright Spark Power know that not all businesses are the same. Our highly skilled team are available on 1300 010 277 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) for a personalised consultation on how Bright Spark Power can best support your business with the best solution for your specific business needs.

Switching is quick and easy, and all done online

Switching to Bright Spark Power is simple and straightforward. Once your order is submitted online, the local support team will take care of everything for you, including contacting your existing electricity provider and arranging your meter read, so you don’t have to.

No risk to switch your business electricity to Aussie Owned Bright Spark Power right now.

There are no risks to switching your business electricity to a 100% Australian owned electricity retailer like Bright Spark Power. Your electricity supply will continue to be supported by the same round the clock distributor support. The switch will occur without any interruption to your supply or business. We recommend calling us or email support@brightsparkpower.com.au to experience our service first-hand, and so we can get a clear understanding of your business needs.

Bright Spark Power offers business electricity customers in NSW and QLD better choice and the opportunity to ensure money you spend on essential services is kept in Australia, supporting Australian business and Australian families, just like yours. In addition, you can expect from Bright Spark Power:

  • Simple and straightforward prices

  • Our Best Rate Guarantee on a 12-month contract

  • 100% Australian owned and operated

  • Local support team available 8am-6pm weekdays on 1300 010 277

  • Focus on growing renewable electricity generation

  • Join today

^Referenced research at canstarblue.com.au shows that out of 42 energy providers just 19 (45%) are 100% Australian owned