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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Thornleigh Squash and Fitness is the home of NSW Squash, committed to developing top class squash talent and providing a fun, relaxed atmosphere for all levels of squash players from 'never done it' to 'Olympic talent'. Built as a facility in 1979, Thornleigh Squash wore an original 70s vibe until a recent grant from the Greater Sydney Sports Fund has transformed the facility into a world-class squash destination. We visited to tour the comprehensive upgrades to the player interior, changing facilities, and hear about improved access for players with disabilities and the clubs expanded focus on junior player development. A key aim of the Greater Sydney Sports Fund is to improve sports infrastructure, but also to enhance community participation. We are 100% certain that the friendly vibe at Thornleigh Squash and Fitness, combined with the new facilities is appealing to new visitors and dedicated members alike. Of course there is a level of Squash that demands a high level of physical fitness, athleticism, and skill and Thorneigh squash cover all these levels from regular Masters competitions, junior programmes and boot camps. However, Thornleigh Squash and Fitness aim to break down any of the 'too hard' barriers to make squash something for all the family. Rex Thomas, Club Manager, says its about getting on the court and hitting the ball. He says "when you're just having fun, it's fine to make up the rules for your game and play with the number of players you have with you - from 1 to any!" If you want to learn the traditional game, Thornleigh Squash offer beginner camps and one to one coaching, or ask any of the friendly members who'd love to give you in introduction to hitting a ball around as they did for us! No need to bring a ball or racquet, this is all provided for you - just comfy clothes and a sense of fun. When Rex , took us for a tour through the facilities and upgrades, we were highly impressed with the 9 glass back squash courts, the fantastic new changing facilities as well as the upgraded space for teams to relax - including a licensed bar for chilling out post match (or on date night as Rex suggests!) . We'll be sure to report back as the upgrades complete and are really looking forward to powering the club forward. As a business organisation, electricity costs play a major factor in the operations of the club. Thornleigh Squash had Bright Spark Power conduct a business energy needs analysis and compare the last few quarters business electricity under a Bright Spark Power Aussie Business Tariff. The decision to switch to Bright Spark Power was not just because of the cost certainty that a flat rate business electricity tariff would bring, the organisation felt aligned to Bright Spark Power's community values around promoting Australian owned and operated, and supporting other Aussie Business. Thornleigh Squash and Fitness were pleased to become part of the Powered by Bright Spark Power business programme and can now receive a credit to their electricity bill with every person who signs up. Don't be shy about asking the Bright Spark Power team to do a comparable energy cost analysis via, or if you're ready to jump on board and support Thornleigh Squash and Fitness signup your home or business electricity to Bright Spark Power via the Thornleigh Squash referral link here.

Photo Credit: Thornleigh Squash Facebook Page

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