The Bright Spark Power Reform Agenda

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Since the idea of Bright Spark Power was born in 2017, our passion for change in the energy market – for the better of all Australian households - has grown exponentially. The fact of being a new market entrant, provides a somewhat unique view and an opportunity that only present itself once.

It is our hope that by providing constructive opinions and a transparent and honest window into the complex and critically important national energy industry, that we can be drivers of change, for the better.

A key value, at Bright Spark Power, is to operate in a transparent and honest way. To that effect, the blog will highlight our views, opinions, and thoughts on the operation, challenges, and opportunities of the Australian energy industry from our perspective as a 100% Australian owned and 100% Australian operated electricity retailer.

This blog will provide our customers a window to our thinking, what contributes and is involved with our decision making and provide visibility on how we are progressing in our effort to deliver on our Ten-Year Plan. It will deliver insight into why our products are designed and offered in market as they are, where we choose to invest in business & product development, challenges we come up against, and where we are investing our time driving industry and regulatory change.

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