Sydney to Hobart in an Electric Vehicle

Updated: Jan 17

Some of the Bright Spark Power family headed down to Tasmania to check out how EV-friendly the trip would be. Here's the report.

Travel Highlights:

  • Supercharger stop at Euroa, VIC - lovely spot with good access to facilities ✔

  • Drive from Devonport to Hobart via the Highland Lakes Road through the Central Lakes Plateau, TAS - great road, stunning views ✔

  • Great Lake Hotel Miena, TAS - outstanding food and hospitality ✔

  • On-site charging at Hobart Accommodation on request - EV friendly ✔

After a brilliant summer motorcycling in Tassie in 2017, we couldn't wait to make it down again for another summer in this picturesque foodie's paradise, but this time we wanted to test this epic road trip in the EV.

looking in model three mirror out to tasmania
We've had our eye on trying the Sydney to Tassie in an EV trip, for a while

With this being our longest trip in the EV yet, a bit of research and planning was needed:

  • Where could we conveniently charge both on the road and at our destination?

  • Do I need a different cable to be able to charge on different networks?

  • If we went on a more remote day trip, where could we top up with a reasonable charge speed in Tassie?

While we used the Tesla charging Network on the main run from Sydney to Melbourne and then in Devonport, we used the plugshare charger map (found via the electric vehicle council website) to see what charging options were available on our run from Devonport to Hobart and surrounds. This helped us to understand where we could charge, "how fast" we could charge and whether the charge point had a suitable cable type or I had to BYO cable. Even more handy were the accompanying pictures of charger locations and recent reviews including helpful comments and pics if they were out of service.

Securing a spot for both us and the car on the popular Spirit of Tasmania was easy to book online with super helpful FAQs for checking in and boarding with your vehicle at the Port Melbourne Ferry Terminal.

Finally on the road and heading south to catch the Spirit and our first real hurdle was getting our pre-departure PCR tests back in time, but that's a story for another time! For the Sydney to Melbourne leg we stopped at the following supercharger locations for 20-30 mins, enough time for a stretch, bio-break, coffee and/or a snack.

  • Goulburn, NSW - 20mins

  • Gundagai, NSW - 30mins

  • Wodonga, VIC - 20mins

  • Euroa, VIC - 20mins

Then on arrival in Tassie, for total on-road EV charging stops:

  • Devonport, TAS - 30 mins

Having never stopped at Euroa before, we were impressed with this peaceful little rest area and lovely town. Just off the main drag, this convenient rest stop looks onto a lovely park with cafes and an IGA nearby.

Remembering the battery charges fastest at the lower end, we barely noticed any wait time and were ready to push on to meet the ferry for our overnight sailing.

Port of Melbourne
Waiting to Board Spirit of Tasmania in our EV

When we pulled in to Devonport, the supercharger was within 200m of the ferry terminal, so we topped up to 80% and made a straight run to Hobart via the stunning Highland Lakes Road through the Central Lakes Plateau. This was an incredibly scenic way to go from the north to the south of Tasmania with the dramatic landscapes and everchanging scenery. Rainforest to mountains to plateau to great lakes all in one sitting!

Bright Spark Power vehicle overlooking scenic Tasmania
Sydney to Hobart in an EV: Tassie did not dissappoint

Now if you're looking for a great pit stop on this route you can't go past Great Lake Hotel Miena, TAS - just off the Highland Lakes Rd. We stopped here for a delicious lunch with a view, and the most hospitable service! No EV charging... yet, but would be the perfect spot for one.

Once we arrived in Hobart, it was great to see the number of 22kW chargers along the waterfront that had good availability (just need to BYO type 2 connector), while the roll-out of Electric Highway Tasmania (EHT) will soon increase the availability of fast chargers in Hobart and across the state.

While our accommodation was not yet equipped with a destination charger, they were able to provide us a car space with power access which more than met our needs and allowed us to day-trip with a "full tank" and charge overnight. So good to see a business taking an EV friendly approach even when they don't have a charger in place yet.

All-in-all, the trip from Sydney, and the state of Tassie, was incredibly EV friendly, with clear plans to improve public infrastructure - but as all we EV owners already know - where there's a plug, there's a charge! We'd love to hear about your experience, if you've done it. Let us know in the comments below, or head over to our Facebook page.


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