Switch electricity in Orange, New South Wales

Are you looking to switch electricity in the 2800 postcode region of Orange? Read this blog for a solid FAQ on switching to a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity supplier in Orange and surrounds - no matter which electricity distributor your home or business may be connected to.


Which Orange has our Electricity Plans?

Not to be mistaken for its American namesake, the City of Orange is a growing region in the Central West of New South Wales. Once dwarfed by its close neighbour, Bathurst, Orange has undergone a slow and steady transformation into a gem of a city in rural NSW, and is now a preferred residential location for new families as well as retirees looking to upsize land and home sizes and downsize city hustle and bustle.

The city of Orange offers great weather for outdoor activities and leafy walking trails, enjoying a temperate climate due to the towns elevation. In recent years the city of Orange has become well know for its wine and produce with a host of fantastic events and treats offered by business in Orange including critically acclaimed wine estates and fruit orchards.

Bright Spark Power have a local team based in Orange who love attending the regular farmers market and enjoy the family atmosphere the city has to offer.

Best electricity providers for homes in Orange, NSW

Bright Spark Power are the 100% Australian owned and operated choice in electricity provider in Orange. Being a rural town, Orange residents get behind Australian made and owned because they know choosing Australian means supporting Australian farmers and Australian jobs.

Bright Spark Power have proudly achieved all requirements to use the trusted Australian Made and Owned logo. The famous Australian made kangaroo logo is highly recognisable and enables residents in Orange looking to switch to a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity company to quickly see that Bright Spark Power have a trusted Australian offer.

Best electricity for business in Orange NSW

Many businesses in Orange are already benefitting from Bright Spark Power electricity plans find out more about Business electricity plans in Orange in our Business Electricity in Orange blog post.

Electricity Plan Features for Orange, NSW

More than just the 100% Australian owned and operated electricity provider choice in the Orange region, Bright Spark Power electricity plans for homes in Orange feature:

  • Monthly billing option

  • 10 day cooling off period

  • No credit card fees

  • No exit fees

  • No fees for paper bills

  • No move in fee

  • Plan prices are fixed

Keeping electricity costs down in your home in Orange, NSW

With hot summers and cold winters, Bright Spark Power offer a number of practical ways for homes to keep their electricity usage in check, but one of the best ways to be sure about what you are paying is to look for a fixed rate electricity plan. A fixed rate means that the electricity rate will stay the same for the life of the electricity plan agreement you have made.



Electricity distributors in Orange, NSW

Electricity distributors manage the infrastructure that transmits and distributes the power from the generators to homes and businesses. These companies look after the 'poles and wires' in the area. In the Orange, 2800 postcode there are two electricity distributors - Essential and Endeavour. A current electricity bill will show you which elelctricity distributor applies to your premises.

The electricity supplier is the company that you choose to purchase your power from. Bright Spark Power is an electricity supplier and electricity retailer providing electricity to both Essential and Endeavour managed premises in the Orange NSW region. To check rates for your address in Orange simply enter your postcode in our postcode checker >> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your Orange postcode now << After you enter your postcode, you will be shown Bright Spark Power electricity plan options and be able to compare the Aussie Flat Rate Electricity Plan to the plan you are on with your current supplier. Make sure to check your usage as well as all your current charges and compare to what they might be. If you find your current electricity supplier bill confusing to read, Bright Spark power offer a free bill consultation service. Email us a past energy bill and we will tell you what the comparative cost would have been on a Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate or Aussie Business plan. You can also call us on 1300 010 277 between 8am and 6pm and we can tell you over the phone.


Am I eligible to switch to Bright Spark Power? If you live in, or operate a business in Orange, you can switch your electricity to Bright Spark Power. It is easy to check and confirm via our postcode check >> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your postcode now <<

How do I make the switch? Making the switch is easy via our 4-step order process. Simply, start here and make the switch by entering your address, then choose your plan, Once submitted, we will take care of everything else for you. We will notify your existing provider, arrange your meter read, and the installation of your new smart meter if required. No fuss , no worries. How do I compare my electricity bill in Orange NSW?

Because bills can sometimes be confusing to read, Bright Spark power offer a free bill consultation service. Email us a past energy bill and we will tell you what the comparative cost with Bright Spark Power would have been on a Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate electricity plan or Aussie Business electricity plan

If I switch do I have to let my current supplier know that I am switching electricity?

You do not need to tell your current supplier if you choose to switch electricity provider. You simply need to sign up and your new supplier will do the rest. If you switch to Bright Spark Power, when we receive your order we will contact you to let you know we received it and to let you know when the switch has happened - there will be no interruption to your electricity supply, you'll just receive an email from us to let you know its done.

>> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your postcode now <<

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