Can I switch electricity in the 'Ergon' region of Cairns and Townsville?

Updated: Apr 13

Are you looking to switch electricity in the 'Ergon' region of Cairns and Townsville? Read this blog for a solid FAQ on switching electricity suppliers, who you'll deal with, when you can switch and more.


Can I choose my electricity supplier in Cairns and Townsville? It's true, you can choose your electricity supplier in Cairns and Townsville. Before deregulation you could not choose your electricity retailer, your supplier would have always been Ergon. Now that the region is deregulated, Ergon will remain your distributor but you can now choose your supplier. If you have not taken the opportunity to switch your home or business electricity supplier in Cairns or Townsville since deregulation happened it is likely that your electricity is still supplied by Ergon. Should you choose to, you may switch your electricity from Ergon at any time you like.

What is the benefit of switching electricity suppliers in Cairns and Townsville? Switching electricity retailers in Cairns and Townsville will allow you to choose

  • Different tariffs

  • Different contract types

  • Different customer service

  • Different methods of contact and billing

  • Different companies to deal with when you need to

It gives you the opportunity to evaluate what's important for you in an electricity supplier, as well as 'prices', for example

  • Monthly billing

  • Free smart meters

  • Answering phone calls quickly

  • Having a Market Retail Contract

Ultimately you should review you energy usage and work out what is best for you. Because bills can sometimes be confusing to read, Bright Spark power offer a free bill consultation service. Email us a past energy bill and we will tell you what the comparative cost with Bright Spark Power would have been on a Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate or Aussie Business plan.

Does Ergon supply my electricity? There are two companies you will interact with when you buy electricity. One company 'distributes' the electricity and the other 'supplies it'. Generally there is no choice in distributor, but depending on your area, lots of choice in supplier. Ergon is the electricity distributor to the Cairns and Townsville electricity areas. No matter which company supplies your electricity (for example Ergon or Bright Spark Power or another company could supply electricity to premises in Cairns and Townsville.) Ergon is responsible for the electricity connection to your home or business, and the quality of the electricity you receive, but your supplier will be the company that you pay your bill to - that company buy's the electricity from Ergon via the National Electricity Market, and adds their customer service, packages a tariff and supplies it to your house.

If I switch away from Ergon do I have to let Ergon know that I am switching electricity?

You do not need to tell Ergon if you choose to switch electricity provider. You simply need to sign up and your new supplier will do the rest. If you switch to Bright Spark Power, when we receive your order we will contact you about a smart meter if you don't already, you'll get to experience our customer service via email straight away. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the process along the way.


If Distributors and Suppliers are different is 'Ergon' one company? 'Ergon' is actually two companies. 'Ergon Energy Corporation Limited', is the electricity distributor, and 'Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd', which is a subsidiary of 'Ergon Energy Corporation Limited', is the electricity retailer.

What is the difference between an electricity 'supplier and a 'distributor'? The electricity supplier is the company that you choose to purchase your power from. They are also commonly referred to as an electricity retailer. The retailer buys power from generators and sells that power to residential and business customers. Bright Spark Power is an electricity supplier and electricity retailer. An electricity distributor manages the infrastructure that transmits and distributes the power from the generators to homes and businesses. These companies look after the 'poles and wires' in a fixed area. Distribution areas do not overlap and they rarely if ever change.

For your home of business there will be one specific distributor that manage the 'poles and wires'. Ergon and Energex are the only distributors in Queensland, your home or business will be connected to one of these networks depending on where you are located. Cairns and Townsville are connected to Ergon. If I choose Bright Spark Power as my electricity supplier, do I still need to deal with Ergon as the distributor? If you choose Bright Spark Power as your electricity supplier we manage your electricity supply, billing and any service enquiries you have. Ergon will remain the distributor and is responsible for the infrastructure connecting to your home or business. If there is a power outage and/or damage to the electricity infrastructure, Ergon is responsible for fixing this.

Whoever you choose for your electricity supplier will not change the distributor, you will see the emergency contact information for your distributor on your electricity bill. Contact Ergon for any emergency such as fallen poles and wires or to report damage to electricity infrastructure. If I choose an electricity supplier that is not Ergon, do I have lower priority in getting my power restored after an outage or infrastructure damage? No, the Ergon distributor is responsible for all customers equally within their distribution area. The exception to this is where a home or business has been registered for life support. If you choose Bright Spark Power as your retailer, we will ask you if you require the site to be registered for Life Support and we will register the site with Ergon to ensure they can prioritise power restoration activities accordingly. CELECTRICITY PLANS AVAILABLE IN CAIRNS AND TOWNSVILLE Is my electricity plan regulated in Cairns and Townsville? Most of 'regional Queensland' has a regulated price market for electricity, and that means the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) sets electricity once a year, and to 'fairly match' deregulated prices in South East Queensland the Queensland Government subsidises Ergon Energy plans. So, if you have a plan with Ergon Energy Queensland then you are probably on a regulated price plan.

It is possible for you to choose what is called a 'Market Retail Contract' for your electricity in Cairns and Townsville which means you can assess between the two types of plans, what would work best for your electricity usage. The Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate Plan is a Market Retail Contract. If you move to a Market Retail Contract with another supplier, Queensland Energy Regulation means you are always able to move back to an Ergon regulated price plan, at any time.

Do Bright Spark Power Supply electricity to Cairns and Townsville? Bright Spark Power, an independent and wholly Australian owned electricity retailer is a new choice in electricity supplier for much of the Far North Queensland Ergon Energy East and Energex distribution regions including Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville down to Mackay, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and inland to Toowoomba, Dalby and more. To check rates for your address in Cairns simply enter your postcode in our postcode checker >> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your Cairns or Townsville postcode now << After you enter your Cairns or Townsville postcode, you will be shown Bright Spark Power electricity plan options and be able to compare the Aussie Flat Rate Electricity Plan to the plan you are on with your current supplier. Make sure to check your usage as well as all your current charges and compare to what they might be. If you find your current electricity suppliers bill confusing to read, Bright Spark power offer a free bill consultation service. Email us a past energy bill and we will tell you what the comparative cost with Bright Spark Power would have been on a Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate or Aussie Business plan. You can also call us on 1300 010 277 between 8am and 6pm. Bright Spark Power offer simple, straightforward choice in electricity plans for Cairns and Townsville with no hidden fees or changes. We offer just two electricity plans for the Cairns region because we want customers to have a clear understanding of our offer.

On the Aussie Flat Rate Electricity Plan, you get:

  • Simple Pricing: Get Our Best Rate Guarantee. Always be on our best rate.

  • Local Support: If you need to contact us, you will speak to team based in Australia

  • Sustainable: Follow our ten year plan to 100% renewable.

  • 100% Australian: Owned by Australians, run by Australians for the benefit of Australians.

To check if Bright Spark Power offer electricity supply in your region of QLD simply enter your postcode in our postcode checker:

>> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your Cairns or Townsville postcode now << What does more choice with Bright Spark Power look like? Residents, and small to medium businesses in Cairns, Townsville, Port Douglas, and Far North Queensland’s Ergon-east sub-distribution region, who sign up to the Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate plan are choosing to:

  • Get clear, straightforward electricity bills, whilst still receiving local support from a 100% Australian owned and operated business

  • Move to a smart meter with no more estimated bills, getting more detailed usage data and more control over spend

  • Be confident in knowing they are helping to drive Australia towards a renewable electricity generated future.

How will I know the Bright Spark Power Aussie Flat Rate plan is right for me? Residents, and businesses in Cairns and Far North Queensland who sign up to our Aussie Flat Rate electricity plan, are choosing:

  • One simple, low priced tariff with Our Best Rate Guarantee on a 12-month agreement

  • We want all customers to be on our best rate. Our Best Rate Guarantee means we will never raise your General Usage Rate, but if our prices drop we will automatically pass it onto you - you'll never have to ask for a better rate.

  • Designed to help moderate to high electricity use households, save money.

  • No move in fees, no payment fees, just pay for your electricity

  • Simply switch online in 4 simple steps - and call our customer service Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm 1300 010 277 with any questions or to be guided through

What do independent reviewers of Bright Spark Power say about electricity plans for Cairns and Townsville?

Independent electricity review site Canstar Blue wrote this about Bright Spark Power in the Ergon region:


Am I eligible to switch to Bright Spark Power? If you live in, or operate a business in Cairns, Townsville or the Ergon – East distribution regions, you may be able to switch your electricity to Bright Spark Power. It is easy to check and confirm via our postcode check >> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your Cairns or Townsville postcode now <<

How do I make the switch? Making the switch is easy via our 4-step order process. Simply, start here and make the switch by entering your address, then choose your plan, Once submitted, we will take care of everything else for you. We will notify your existing provider, arrange your meter read, and the installation of your new smart meter if required. No fuss , no worries. How long does it take to switch? Our simple 4-step order process generally takes less than 5 minutes to complete. 1. Find your address 2. Choose Annual or Monthly plan 3. Add account detail 4. Securely add billing detail You do not need to contact your current provider - we take care of that for you. The switch to Bright Spark Power will generally take up to 10 days to complete but can be completed earlier when needed (such as when moving to a new house). Your electricity supply is not interrupted during the switch - once you've told us to switch we will just make it happen for you. How much does it cost to switch? If you choose to switch onto our Aussie Flat Rate Plan, there is no cost to establish your account with us and you will access Our Best Price Guarantee. All the rates associated with the Aussie Flat Rate plan are clearly listed on the plan page after you enter your postcode in the postcode checker. Can I change my mind? If you decide to change your mind, you can withdraw your order within 10 business days of placing your order to switch. After the 10 business days, you are still able to change your mind, you should simply call us on 1300 010 277 to explain your situation and we will work through your options. We would be sorry to see you change your mind, but it is important to us that you make the choice of electricity retailer that works best for you. When should I switch electricity retailers? Bright Spark Power is available in the Cairns, Townsville, Ergon-east distribution area now. We provide the option for you to choose your preferred date, and we will aim to make the change on or as close to that date as possible. We may need access to your meter to complete the switch, or to replace the meter with a new smart meter, which may mean you need to be home. We will arrange this with you as part of your order process if required. This will all be done via email but you can call us Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm on 1300 010 277 and we can take you through the process. Start your switch by entering your postcode in our postcode checker >> Check Bright Spark Power Electricity Plans for your Cairns or Townsville postcode now << ENDNOTE: This blog is written by Bright Spark Power. We are electricity suppliers to the Cairns and Townsville region and you can switch electricity to Bright Spark Power here. In this article we referred simply to 'Ergon', however please note that this is in reference to two different companies: 'Ergon Energy Corporation Limited', and 'Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd' who are separate distribution and supply companies.

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