Supporting Local Communities with Squash NSW Partnership

Bright Spark Power CEO, Arran Coughlan and Squash NSW CEO Richard Griffiths are delighted to today announce a multiyear sponsorship deal which will provide funds to reinvest in squash communities across NSW.

Squash is a sport that benefits local communities in many ways. From the obvious, such as providing fitness and exercise for all ages of people, to less-obvious benefits like bringing together diverse groups of people from different backgrounds and having a central location to build a community.

The Squash NSW mission is to promote squash to communities across New South Wales. Not only does this partnership help support local communities, it also provides opportunities for people who want to get involved with squash but don’t know where or how to start. Bright Spark Power hope to be sharing lots of exciting news and stories to inspire novice and lapsed players get into the game through this partnership.

Squash NSW is thrilled about their new partnership with Bright Spark Power. Speaking about the partnership Squash NSW CEO Richard Griffiths said. “Our clubs, centres and players in NSW are at the core of everything we do, and our priority is supporting them to grow their programs, communities and talent. All funds received through this sponsorship will be invested back into the Squash NSW community.”.

Bright Spark Power CEO Arran Coughlan sees this as another way to demonstrate how as an electricity retailer they can invest and support the communities in which they operate, saying, "We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Squash NSW. As this is yet another way that we can deliver on our values of supporting not just the squash community, but also communities across the state of NSW."

Stay tuned to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for great content as we get to know more from all the local clubs across the state - as well as try to teach the folks at Bright Spark Power headquarters a thing or two about Squash!