Smart Meters a Game Changer for Business Electricity

Updated: Mar 9

A smart meter is a game changer for business owners and business electricity. A smart meter for your business electricity will allow you as the business owner to more accurately see how much electricity your business is consuming and when, which in turn can help with making informed decisions about energy efficiency or even technological advancements like electric car charge points or solar panel installation.

Actual Usage Billing for Business Electricity

When Bright Spark Power installs a smart meter at your business premises, you can say goodbye to estimated usage and billing for your business electricity. You just pay for the business electricity that you use. This also enables more regular billing and invoicing of your electricity service shifting away from historical quarterly billing, to accurate monthly billing which can help with improved cash flow for any sized business

With actual usage instead of estimated, you only get charged for what you use. Not what is projected that you might have used. Estimated usage billing, requires the application of potentially large adjustments or corrections on your electricity bill once an actual meter read has been taken and the difference between the estimated readings and an actual read is adjusted.

Granular Business Electricity Usage Information

This leads into the next benefit for your business from switching to a smart meter, usage granularity. With a new smart meter installed as part of your Electricity Plan, Bright Spark Power provides your meter reading data daily. The business electricity usage information is made available to you to view within your Bright Spark Power customer portal.

Data is displayed in your usage graph with three viewable options, either as 48x 30 minute increments, as a daily view, or as three day rolling view. There is also the option to download your metre data as a CSV file to support more detailed analysis to suit your needs and preferred usage period.

This additional granularity of data at first may not appear useful beyond accuracy of billing, however, this more granular data enables us to work with you to monitor your electricity service, and to look at ways and means to potentially reduce your electricity costs through changing you or moving you to a more appropriate plan, or as the electricity market innovates and changes, use new and emerging technologies to further reduce your electricity costs.

CASE STUDY: Reptile World is a small business located on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Steve McEwan, business owner says "As my business depends on maintaining stable conditions to keep our reptiles healthy, our electricity usage incurs a lot of irregular movements compared to those of other small businesses. With the use of Smart Metering, we were able to shift our electricity usage for heat and light necessities to other time periods. This keeps our electricity cost to a bare minimum, all while keeping the requirements and needs of our reptiles as a main priority."

Information to Help Us Purchase Renewable Energy

The electricity market is facing an increased rate of change with the growing uptake of renewable energy generation, to the emerging battery storage technologies that are beginning to enter the market. By installing a smart meter at your business premises, not only do you get the more granular usage data, it also provides us the increased granular usage and electricity demand information. We will use this data to inform our ongoing investment into renewable electricity generation, and to leverage new and emerging technologies with the aim of further reducing your electricity costs and provide improved cost certainty, as covered under Our Best Rate Guarantee.

As a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity retailer, that is independent of fossil fuel investment or generation of any kind, we are heavily focused on renewable and sustainable electricity generation which has lower per kWh generation costs, and high complimentary attributes with local storage. The installation of a Smart Meter at your business premises is a positive step towards a more modern and lower cost electricity grid.

How to Get A Smart Meter for your Business Electricity

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