Seven Things We Cover in a Business EV Charging proposal

Updated: Mar 9

As a business you may either be looking at new ways to attract a certain type of customer, or you may be looking for ways to set your business up for future technology. The writing is on the wall for petrol vehicles. Australian ownership of EVs increased over 187% in the first half of 2021 alone. And while most charging will be done at home, EV chargers are putting business on the (literal) map to attract visitors on the road and regulars alike. Each business is unique, and an appropriate business EV charging solution must address your business' specific needs. When we have an initial video call or site visit, we cover off the following seven considerations

  1. Single vs multiple car chargers - looking at how much space you have, and how many chargers might suit your space

  2. Tesla vs universal car chargers or a mix of both - all cars can charge at universal chargers where Tesla chargers will only connect to a Tesla - there sure is a lot of them on the road but over time that will change. But its just another way you can segment the people you attract

  3. 'Free' vs customer/employee paid charging - will you offer your customers free charging to attract them to your business or will you look to create a revenue stream? We can show you all the benefits of offering free charging and also demonstrate the costs (its less than you think!)

  4. Single phase vs three phase charging - this will ultimately depend on what you have in place but ultimately either will work and we can build a solution around what you have right now

  5. Using car charging to promote an environmental message - providing electric car charging already promotes your business to an environmentally conscious audience and we have even more ways to help you tell that story with advice on solar power and how much your electricity plan draws renewables from the grid

  6. How any government funding may apply - The NSW Government has committed $171 million to help build world class electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next four years. Additionally, the NSW Government will provide grants to small tourism businesses to boost investment in EV infrastructure at regional tourism destinations for the next three years.

  7. Electricity plans and meters that suit your installation requirements - based on how your premises will use electricity before and after you have a charger installed, we'll help you cost the most efficient electricity plan for your business

An initial call generally takes around 30 minutes to capture your business requirements and have a preliminary discussion about the solution options and key considerations. At the end of a call we'll have enough information to progress a free on-site visit and produce a more detailed proposal. Start a conversation about business EV charging today with our team today. Call us on 1300 010 277 weekdays 8am to 6pm or email and let us know the best time to call. We look forward to discussing your business electric vehicle solution with you.


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