Reform Agenda: Early 2021 Update on Industry Involvement

One of our key values is to be transparent and honest. As a smaller retailer, we have a different perspective that we can bring to industry discussion. We pledge to be constructive members of the electricity industry, and to help be an advocate for customers in industry forums and discussions, with the ultimate objective of reducing the cost of electricity and providing simple transparent and positive change for consumers.

Here we update our customers on the regulatory and industry forums and discussions in the last quarter:

NSW Government Social Programs for Energy .

As an electricity retailer in New South Wales we are required to support the New South Wales social programmes for energy which incorporates energy rebates and schemes for customers that are eligible for low income household rebates medical rebates life support rebates family energy rebates and Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA). The social programmes for energy code undergoes annual review and consultation for improvements and changes. This year those changes and discussions have been influenced and impacted with the economic effects of COVID-19. The New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment, along with electricity retailers operating in New South Wales, have had active and constructive discussion around the impact of COVID-19 on the social programmes for energy end the impacts felt by customers. Bright Spark Power will continue to have active engagement within this forum with the aim to provide the best possible customer experience for our customers and all consumers in NSW.

AEMC - Smart Meter Roll Out Consultation

Since the introduction of the 'Power of Choice' initiative by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in December 2017, the market has seen an overall uptake of smart metres in NSW and QLD reaching a lower than expected 17.4% penetration. The AEMC is currently undertaking a review of the effectiveness of the smart meter rollout to date, and are looking at areas where the deployment can be more successful.

As we have a proactive and positive opinion, of the value that smart metres can bring to the industry and also to consumers, we are providing input and commentary into this initiative with the aim of obtaining further improvements to customer experience, removal of complexity and barriers and of course, aiming to see reduced electricity prices.

Bright Spark Power will continue to keep you informed as this review progresses.

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