Progress Update – Expansion into Queensland inclusive of Coastal and Far North Queensland

Updated: Feb 10

Launching an electricity retailer as an independent and wholly privately Australian owned company forces you to look at things differently to that of being backed or owned by a large publicly listed organisation. 

Certainly, having the substantial financial resources of a large company can make certain aspects of establishing a business easier, however it can also introduce complacency through viewing the market via mass market eyes... Set ‘x’ price point, spend ‘y’ on marketing, and apply a one size fits all mass market approach. However, this approach has the effect of missing those customers that have slightly different needs that do not fit into the standard ‘box’. 

We used this unique perspective when we launched in NSW, to provide an electricity offer that meet the requirements for those customers wanting to select an electricity plan knowing they were getting the best price, day in day out, regardless. Customers said that they wanted to be able to set and forget, without having to worry about expiring discounts, or being penalised by not constantly needing to chase a new contract ‘discount’ at the end of the current contract period. We have delivered on that for our NSW customers, and we are now delivering that same offer to Queensland.

For customers in South East Queensland we have brought the same local support, focus on renewable energy generation, plus our simple and straightforward approach to pricing, that has been so well received in NSW. Our aim is to provide more choice for customers that want to be involved in supporting Australian business and seeing that support translated into renewable energy investment, competitive electricity pricing and reinvestment in local businesses as part of our Australian sourced procurement policy.

However, when we were researching what residents in coastal and far North Queensland (Ergon East Distribution Zone) were looking for from their electricity retailer. The feedback was not to dissimilar to South East Queensland; however, one unique item did keep coming up, a lack of choice in electricity retailer. We were surprised to discover that many thousands of households and businesses have only a have a handful of choices for electricity retailer, all of which only offered the regulated price offer. Now, there is no doubt that the regulated price offer is great for electricity customers, however as we have already discovered, one size does not necessarily fit all. Whilst the regulated price offer benefits customers use lower amounts of electricity, the regulated offer does not necessarily meet the needs of medium to high users of electricity.

To that end, we decided that in addition to bringing the regulated price offer to the Ergon East Distribution region of coastal and Northern Queensland, we were also going to bring a specifically designed Market Retail Offer. Our Market Retail Offer brings even more choice and includes simple and straightforward pricing, 100% Australian owned and operated local support, and our focus on growing renewable electricity generation. This means that customers that are medium to high users of electricity living and working in the Ergon East Distribution region, extending north from Gympie, up the coast covering Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, and all the way up to Cairns, Port Douglas and Mossman, now have more choice in their electricity retailer and electricity plan than ever before.

Australian Local Support

Increased Choice

Competitive Pricing

Hello Queensland, we are Bright Spark Power.

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