Owning an electric car when you live in an apartment

Updated: Jan 19

If you are looking at electric cars as a potential next vehicle, but you live in an apartment, you might be wondering - how do you charge an electric car if you live in an apartment? Or what ev charging solutions exist for apartment owners? We have some answers for you - and there is one thing for sure, you CAN own an electric car if you live in an apartment!

Can you own an electric car if you live in an apartment?

Yes! An electric car DOES need to be plugged in to be charged but Bright Spark Power have solved the 'tricky' problems around getting a separately metered, digitally tracked, personal electric vehicle charging solution when you live in an apartment. Hear how Lindsey installed apartment electric car charging in her Lane Cove apartment car parking space in the video below.

Lindsey is a Sydney EV owner, who lives on the 7th floor apartment and parks 2 levels underground. Bright Spark Power did a site visit, created a drawing of how the charging solution would be cabled through the bottom carpark all the way up to the 7th floor private meter, it was presented to strata and voila. After a 1.5 day installation she has her own apartment ev charging solution thats simply added to her electricity bill on the Bright Spark Power Aussie Car + Home package.

How else do you charge an electric car if you live in an apartment?

Before you get your separately metered, personal electric vehicle apartment charging solution placed near your apartment car space, you might look at these solutions:

1. Plugging it into the nearest wall plug

A long extension cable will do the job! You can plug it in anywhere and apartment carparks often have wall plugs. The charge will be slower (see our article on how long does it take to charge an electric car), but regular usage is unlikely to need 100% full and you could just plug it in every time you park. This is likely to be noticed by strata at some point however and they may question who is paying for the electricity used to charge the car.

2. Charge where you shop

Many shopping centres have fast charging available and its sometimes free! While EVs are still new this is an extremely viable option. If you choose to preference shopping at places that offer electric car charging there is no inconvenience at all. There are plenty of apps that tell you when charging is available at locations nearby, and its a great way to support local business. If you get into the habit, there is no inconvenience - but if you 'all of a sudden' need a charge it might be.

3. Lobby strata for communal EV charging

EV is the future for personal vehicles. There's no denying that one day apartments will need to catch up. So join the apartment strata committee and get discussing options with your fellow owners so you can all enjoy the personal, economical and environmental benefits of apartment electric car charging.

Whatever apartment EV charging station solution you are looking at, Bright Spark Power are here to help. Bright Spark Power are already installing EV charging solutions for apartment owners across Sydney and all of New South Wales.


Call or email Bright Spark Power to start a conversation about electric vehicle charging at home or work. No matter where you are in your journey to owning an electric vehicle, we can help you navigate what is possible for your personal EV-charging. Call 1300 010 277 weekdays or email anytime.