Our Position on Decarbonisation of The Energy Sector

Updated: Jan 20

Our business was founded on the principles detailed in Our Ten Year Plan. Our key, stated goal being that we will reach 50% renewable energy within 5 years and 100% renewable energy within 10 years. 2021 is our first full calendar year of operation, and in January 2022 we will release our first year progress against the plan. As we pull together the information we are reflecting a little on our goals ad some of the external factors surrounding those goals Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Glasgow Climate Pact The Paris Climate Change Agreement is an international treaty on climate change, adopted in 2015. It covers climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance. The Agreement was negotiated by 196 parties, including Australia, at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference near Paris, France. The Paris Agreement's long-term goal is to keep the rise in average global temperature below 2°C, recognising that this would substantially reduce the effects of climate change. Ideally global emissions should be reduced as soon as possible and reach net-zero by the middle of the 21st century. We support decarbonisation of the energy sector in Australia consistent with the Paris climate change agreement and we believe all of us as individuals play a role towards achieving this goal. As an Electricity Retailer we know we can help individuals by giving them choices to move towards renewable energy. This year in 2021 we had COP26 with the outcome of the Glasgow Climate Pact. The final agreement explicitly mentions coal, which is the single biggest contributor to climate change. The wording in the agreement refers to an intention to "phase down" use of unabated coal power, rather than phase it out completely. After this outcome, it is our opinion that there is a lack of political will to be bold and to take action. As such, we are just as focused today as we were when founding Bright Spark Power, to do what we can in our capacity as an Electricity Retailer, with the support of our customers, to drive to 100% renewable energy as outlined within our Ten-Year Plan.

How much of our electricity is from renewable sources?

In our first year of operation our primary source of electricity is grid retail and as such, the percentage of renewable electricity is equivalent to grid average. We are proud to continue to offer a sustainable solar feed in tariff to attract and promote solar to customers, despite announcements that AEMC solar reforms may affect customers solar export in future. We will continue to educate customers on the best ways to utilise their solar power, provide smart meters for customers to correctly size a solar system and look forward to announcing trials for home battery products in 2022. A key aspect of delivering on Our Ten Year Plan, is to deliver our customers increased visibility and control of their electricity use by providing simple online self-management tools, straightforward pricing and easy-to-read bills.​ When customers know when they are using energy, they can choose to switch activity to higher periods of renewable energy, or utilise more of their own solar generation. In May 2021 we launched the facility for customers who have a smart meter to monitor their usage in the customer portal. The information is available for viewing and download daily, allowing customers to closely monitor usage in 15-30 minute intervals. We also introduced the facility for customers to order a smart meter at sign up. Customers on basic meters are always offered the option of having a smart meter included as part of their electricity plan. In June 2021 we launched the Aussie Car and Home electricity plan and home car charger installation process after pilot. Our Aussie Car and Home electricity plan includes a Smart Meter and provides access to off peak timing that aligns with periods of the day where renewable energy is more available on the grid. Action we're taking to move away from fossil fuels Bright Spark Power made a clear and definitive decision this year, to not offer gas retail services. This was a tough decision from a commercial perspective with over 4,000,000 households and businesses within NSW in southeast QLD having gas connected. However, whilst this has the potential to impact our commercial performance, we felt that it is the correct decision. Were we to provide Retail Gas services, we do not see how we could deliver on Our Ten Year Plan, and we also believe that it would be in direct contradiction to how we wish to operate as an ethical and sustainable business. We are also applying this approach as individuals, with our team making decisions in our homes to move away from gas and swap petrol for electric vehicles, so that we can lead the way when it comes to demonstrating to our customers it can be possible to live a life away from fossil fuels. We will continue to build out information on energy efficiency to our customers via our blog, and email communications Our decarbonisation goals Our first year has been focused on beginning our journey and laying the foundations for Our Ten Year Plan to reach 100% renewable energy. Our position is that it is important and appropriate that we investigate and implement direct and tangible action towards delivering on decarbonisation outcomes, and a first step to achieving this requires us to measure our carbon impact by engaging the services of Carbon Neutral, in the first instances for self calculation of scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, along with the purchase of 800 trees as part of their conservation program in the Australian, Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor, with further details about our involvement with Carbon Neutral to be announced in January 2022 along with the release of our first annual report on the delivery of Our Ten Year Plan.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ It all started at a weekend BBQ, discussing living in a time of changing climate and the impact it will have on our families lives in coming decades. ​We were surprised to find so much electricity was still being generated by fossil fuels. ​We were disappointed that there was a lack of adoption and investment in renewable energy in Australia. ​Certainly, we could go back to our jobs and keep talking about it at weekend BBQs, in the hope that someone else does something about it, but o answer was to start a new electricity retailer with the purpose of driving demand for renewable electricity.

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