Moving House: Four Easy Steps for Transferring Electricity, Gas and Utilities

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Moving house can be a stressful and time consuming period in our lives. Use our checklist to transfer electricity, gas and other utilities, and make this one part of the process a little easier for you.

1. What utilities should I put on my list to switch?

These are the four main utilities for a home to switch when you move house. They are the types of services you need to keep a home comfortable and running. Of course there are a large number of other people and services you should notify when moving house - for example insurance companies for home and contents, health, car registration. Read our full checklist on who to notify when moving house (link)

  • Gas Supplier

  • Electricity Supplier

  • Water and Sewage (sometimes covered by council)

  • Telephone and NBN or Internet Service Provider

moving home check electricity rates image

2. What date applies to your utilities transfer?

Are you having an exact utilities transfer date where the 'old house' should switch off and the new house should 'switch on'? Or will you need some services to cross over at each premises? Before you start making calls or logging in to transfer utilities, make sure you are clear on the dates that apply to each premises address.

3. Which utilities to transfer, which utilities to switch

Moving house is a good time to compare that you have the best electricity rates or in general if you have not been happy with your retailer it could be time to change for just that reason. It's also a good time to tidy up and check if you are eligible for any rebates or concessions available for concession card holders.

4. How do you organise connection of utilities when moving house?

As soon as you have a confirmed date for moving house, set up your utility providers to ensure there is time to ensure all your connections will be completed for your arrival. Bright Spark Power can connect electricity next day when ordered before 12pm weekdays. Call us on 1300 010 277 for reassurance at the new address (no buttons to press and no waiting). Or, if you know your move in date a week or more in advance you can order your new electricity service online, select your move in date, and we'll have it all ready for you on move in day.

If you are transferring a service, check if you have a facility in your online account to notify of a move, if you need to call or if you can simply email.

To avoid paying any extra at the old premises you will need to make sure that set disconnection of the service the day after you move home.

On the day of the move, take a picture of the meter readings from each house. This will ensure you have a record and can check gas and electricity bills

Connection of utilities when moving house - FAQ

Why do I need to let utility providers know you are moving

You want to be comfortable as soon as you arrive at your new house right? - and you don't want to pay for anything at your old house for longer than necessary. So its vital to notify these services. This is especially true for transferring or connecting electricity when you move house as electricity is often needed to then operate gas appliances and of course the internet or NBN service.

You also need to make sure there are no issues with connection. Normally this is no problem, for example if you are transferring electricity and you already know that the electricity was working when you did an inspection. If it wasn't connected however, you will need to organise a reconnection service. With NBN, you may need a new piece of equipment delivered so you might want to try to time it to be available close to move in.

Will I need to pay to transfer utilities when moving house?

Bright Spark Power does not charge moving or connection fees but some electricity providers do so make sure you read the fine print of any electricity service you are transferring. This is the same for all your services - when you signed up it would have been part of an agreement to complete a period of time, so check your contract or call and ask

When do I need to notify utilities that I am moving house?

It is recommended for most suppliers no less than 3 days notice and up to 30 days notice would be plenty of time to ensure a smooth transition of the connection.

For electricity and gas meters, if you have a basic meter, they are normally checked for usage by distributors every 3 months. Moving will activate a special meter read (which is why a photo is a good idea). You need to ensure that you give utility companies enough notice when moving home so they can organise a meter reading and accurately invoice you.

If your property has a smart meter your electricity or gas provider will be able to do a meter read over the photo or internet.

How should I notify utilities that I am moving house?

Some utility providers will require that you notify them of the change of details in a specific way. If you have a provider with great phone service, the quick and easy way is to phone the utility provider and notify them you are moving house. If you have left plenty of time this may also work via email. Be sure you get an email confirmation from them in any case