Under the hood, of our Aussie Car & Home Electricity Plan

Updated: Jan 19

It's officially here! Our unique Aussie car and home electricity plan will help you get the most out of charging your electric car at home, with a great value home charger installation - and a great value extended eco-off peak rate in the electricity plan - exclusive for electric car owners.

Important for you in an Electric Car Electricity Plan

We spoke with existing, prospective, and soon to be electric vehicle owners, to understand what they needed from an electricity plan. They told us they wanted to;

  • Be able to charge the EV at less expense

  • Charge using as much renewable electricity as possible

  • Have an uncomplicated electricity plan

  • Have visibility of how much electricity is being used and when

What we included in Electric Car Electricity Plan

With all these inputs in mind we designed and built the Aussie car and home electricity plan with the following features and inclusions;

  • Our first residential electricity plan with peak and off peak rates

  • Extended off peak usage paired with peak renewable generation times

  • Smart meter installation included to provide granular visibility of usage

  • Simple and straightforward plan usage rates on a 12 month term agreement

  • Pairs perfectly with the bright spark power electric vehicle charger

Home EV Charger Installation

The key feature of our Car + Home electricity plan is the customised installation of your wall-box home charger solution

  • BYO Wall Box Charger or choose to purchase one of ours

  • Optional extras can customise to meet your needs - for example a wifi enabled charger

  • ANY type of EV charger can be installed by our registered electrician

  • ALL homes can get the EV charger install, whether you have a garage or need a different concept

  • ALL apartments can get the EV charger install, we provide documentation to make it easy for your strata to approve

  • Timer switch sets up eco-charging but can be overridden to charge in peak as you require

  • Get a free quotation, installation by our registered electrician and a lifetime guarantee on workmanship

A Forward Step for Our Ten Year Plan

Our Ten Year Plan covers the detail of how we will increasingly transition towards 100% renewable energy. With the benefit electric vehicles can bring to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by petrol and diesel vehicles, it was important that we designed our Aussie car and home electricity plan to provide an incentive to charge electric vehicles during periods of the day when renewable energy generation is more readily available.

This is why our Aussie car and home electricity plan has an off peak for all times of the day with the exception of the peak evening periods. When paired with our electric vehicle car charger installation the Aussie car and home electricity plan with only charge your electric vehicle during these (extended) off peak usage periods. Of course we also include the ability for customers to override this setting and to charge during peak periods when necessary.

Aussie Car and Home Electricity Plans Eco-Rate Periods

See how the plan applies to your address by checking it here

A word from our CEO

It is incredibly exciting for the team and I to be part of this significant change in the way that we power our vehicles over the coming decade. Furthermore the introduction of our electric vehicles electricity plan is a step toward achieving our 10 year plan objective of sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable generators by 2030.

We were excited to launch our Aussie car and home electricity plan but to really make it simple for our customers, we have taken the extra step of taking care of the home charger installation. We know that most electric car charging is done at home - and we wanted to make that as easy and as good value as possible for our EV owners

Whenever we look to solve a problem or need for our customers we want to make sure that we are addressing all of their needs in the most simple , straight forward, and sustainable way possible. When we spoke to owners of electric vehicles and those who were considering one, they were overwhelmingly supportive of seeing increased electricity generated from renewable sources to power their electric vehicles. Our Aussie car and home electricity plan goes a long way to enabling that whilst also achieving the other benefit for customers by reducing their electricity costs when charging their electric vehicle as well as using electricity during the off peak periods within their home .

A common piece of feedback that we receive from customers who switch to Bright Spark power is how complicated and confusing some, other electricity plans and invoices are. We approached the Aussie car and home electricity plan with the same methodology as our Aussie flat rate plan, a straightforward daily supply charge that includes all network daily costs and metering costs, simple and clear usage rates all provided without confusing expiring benefit periods. Plus no payment processing fees or transaction fees - so you just pay for your electricity service.

And lastly one thing that we really wanted to be able to provide our customers on the Aussie car and home electricity plan is the visibility and easy accessibility of their usage and meter reads. We deliver this by including the installation of a smart meter as part of the electricity plan without any additional cost for the Smart Meter. Once installed our customers have access to all usage data for their electricity service via their simple and straightforward online customer portal. This usage data is available daily. Our Aussie car and home electricity plan customers are able to use their electricity usage data to help make better decisions around how they charge their electric vehicle, and use electricity within their home. Plus it helps to plan for future opportunities and technology as it becomes available.

Our goal is to make it easier and straightforward for our customers to make the change to an electric vehicle. Our Aussie Car & Home Electricity Plan extended off peak eco period helps reduce your electricity costs for both your home and the charging of your new electric vehicle.

Welcome to the future

Arran Coughlan


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