How will a smart meter make me more energy efficient?

What is a smart meter and how does it work?

A smart meter measures your electricity usage (kWh), and sends that data remotely to your electricity provider. You can then access that information using tools provided by your electricity provider (for Bright Spark Power smart meter customers this is in the customer usage section of your Customer Portal)

Smart meters record your electricity usage either at 15 or 30 minute intervals . The data sent to your electricity provider ensures accurate billing, and that you are only paying for electricity you use - not for an estimated amount.

If you're reading this in Victoria, all businesses and houses have already been fitted with a smart meter, in other states you may have what is known as a 'basic meter' which needs to be read manually. If you are building a new home or your meter needs replacing, you will get a smart meter because the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) requires all new and replacement meters must be smart meters in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA and TAS.

Basic meters require someone to manually come and read your usage. Usually at quarterly intervals. Smart meters will take continual usage readings and record the time of usage simultaneously so time and usage data can be accurately given back to you and your electricity provider.

Benefits of a smart meter

A smart meter is a key tool to enable your individual household or business to be more energy efficient because it provides information for you to adjust your usage according to your goals. They also allow the national electricity grid to become more energy efficient when using all available data to assist forecasting energy usage and planning appropriate energy generation.

  • A smart meter allows you to have access to more granular information about you electricity usage which helps you review and stay in control of your usage

  • In your Bright Spark Power Customer Portal you can see your usage in in handy charts and graphs. You can also download all of your data for detailed analysis

  • A smart meter can allow you to better understand how you can make more efficient use of time of use electricity plans, and adjust your usage between peak and off peak amounts

  • Smart meters are useful if you are thinking about installing solar panels, as the more granular usage data helps you to make better decisions about what type and size solar installation you need

  • For solar users, a smart meter will provide more data to see when and how much energy you are drawing from or sending to the grid, this information can help users make the most of solar power

  • Smart meters can be read remotely by your electricity provider which means no more estimated usage bills.

How do I get a smart meter?

Bright Spark Power offer smart meter installations at no charge to our customers. We provide this service as part of delivering Our Ten Year Plan, helping to give all our customers the tools and information to make the most energy efficient choices for their home and business electricity.

If you have a smart meter and an electric vehicle you can make the most of our Aussie Car and Home residential time of use electricity plan. Charge your car in the generous 19 hour off-peak periods to save money and draw power from the grid when the bulk of renewable generators are online. Check rates for your address.

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