How to approach strata about getting an apartment electric car charger

So you want to get an electric car charger in your apartment. Apartment buildings have traditionally been difficult to get personal electric vehicle charging - not anymore.

Charging your electric car in a communal apartment area

Your fellow residents will definitely notice your new electric car. That's a given. They may notice your extension cable plugged into that communal apartment electricity socket too. Thats why getting a personally metered apartment ev charging solution installed in your personal car space is the best solution for you.

Watch the video below, where Arran Coughlan, CEO of Bright Spark Power, explains how we work with you to produce everything required to reassure your fellow apartment owners and the strata committee that you are installing a high quality apartment ev charging solution that does not interfere with the communal environment.

An apartment electric car charger may need Strata permission

Electric car charging stations in apartments often require permission from strata bodies and sometimes even changes to strata by-laws. This could be the case even if you’re proposing to put the charger in a car space thats owned by you. Preparing a clear proposal for the body corporate and residents to consider will be key.

A clear, detailed apartment ev charger proposal will help reassure your apartment strata

Bright Spark Power Product team can help by working up a proposal for your body corporate:

  • Requesting permission to put a charger in your personal space, in the communal area

  • Explaining how Bright Spark Power charging stations are connected to your apartment electricity meter and tracked to individual usage

  • Suggesting the most efficient, and cost-effective ways to develop a site wide plan for EV charging, as they grow in popularity

  • Discussing the investment EV charging offers, in the future value of apartments in the building

extract from apartment ev charger brochure showing cable runs and tidy installation
Extract from our Electric Vehicle Charger installation brochure showing some detail that may be included in your proposal

Getting the body corporate over the line

When you connect to a Bright Spark power Aussie Car and Home electricity plan, we help with every step to get your apartment ev charging solution over the line. You will have a single point of contact in the process of connecting and installing your apartment ev charger. Some ways we can help you might include:

  • Providing full detail of design and cable paths prior to commencing work

  • Providing video and image detail of how the solution has been implemented in other apartment buildings

  • Attending body corporate meetings to present the solution

What if there is no 'wall' near my apartment car space for a 'wall box' charger?

At our initial site survey we will be able to review a variety of options for presentation to you and to your strata committee. A solution may entail anything from a small extension cable to erecting a small post near your space for the wall box charger to attach to. The first step is to contact us and have a chat about how an apartment ev charger could work for you.


Whatever apartment ev charging station solution you are looking at, Bright Spark Power are here to help. Bright Spark Power are already installing ev charging solutions for apartment owners across Sydney and all of New South Wales, plus we can install apartment electric car chargers in Brisbane and much of south east Queensland. If you are looking to install electric car chargers for apartments in these areas give us a call weekdays 8am-6pm on 1300 010 277 or email

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