How do I compare business electricity rates and business electricity plans?

Updated: Feb 4

Whether you rely on your business electricity as an integral part of your business production, or if business electricity is an overhead, this omnipresent service is going to be key to the operation of your business in some way.

As with any service, if you are looking to change providers, it helps to work out what you are looking for so that you can best compare providers. Here we list out a few things you might look for when making the decision to switch business electricity providers.

Six things to look for in a business electricity provider:

1. Cost certainty - Cost certainty is the basic idea that you can rely on a fixed price point that a good or service will be delivered. When you are comparing business electricity providers, you will notice that rates will be recorded as fixed, or variable. A variable price point in theory could go up at any point – the Australian Energy Regulator regulates that providers just need to give you 10 days’ notice to do this.

Bright Spark Power business electricity plans offer business customers price certainty – with fixed rate business electricity combined with Our Best Rate Guarantee, where your standard usage rate will not increase when in contract – but if our prices drop, you’ll get the new, lower rate. In addition to this, it is standard practice for us to assess whether a smart meter is able to be used at the premises. A smart meter may mean no estimated bills, and only pay for the electricity you use. All leading to clear, cost certainty for your business electricity.

2. Clear straightforward bills – Business accounting takes enough time without having to interpret confusing discounts, additional fees, estimates vs actuals, multiple rates across different meters, and pages of content. Bright Spark Power our proud to have one of the simplest, shortest invoices in the industry with a straightforward usage rates and daily usage fee showing you will just pay for the electricity you use.

We can't say that Bright Spark Power business electricity bills are the simplest to read in the sector - Yet! What we can say is that we are constantly improving and seeking feedback from our customers on what works best for them and we think they are pretty straightforward so far. Head on over to our 'how to read your invoice' page to have a look at what one of our bills looks like right now.

3. 100% Local customer service – If you ever have a question about your bill or your service, it seems reasonable that you should be able contact someone about your question and get an answer straightaway. Just like your customers can contact you. The hoops you might have to jump through in order to get your business electricity question answered at some companies might include, having to log a ticket, speak to a manager, being transferred from person to person, or trying to talk to people in offshore call centres. If customer service is important to you, and you want to speak on the phone – its worth giving the company you are thinking of a call to try them out!

The Bright Spark Power team are available on the phones 8am to 6pm weekdays and answering emails during these hours too. Our highly skilled 100% Australian based team, are all empowered to resolve your enquiry first time. Chat to us on 1300 010 277.

4. 100% Australian Owned – If you’re an Aussie Business, you know what it means to support Aussie business. Business electricity is another service where you can choose Australian. You might be surprised to know that less than half^ of all electricity retailers in Australia are wholly Australian owned. It’s reassuring to know what you are buying and where your money is going.

Bright Spark Power are a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity retailer with all its team and operations in Australia. That means when you call us on 1300 010 277 to find out about your service, or about connecting to us, you’ll speak to one of our highly skilled team members in Australia. We wear our 3-Star Ausowned green and gold logo with pride.

5. Going green – Your business might have a goal to move towards carbon neutral across your business or even just to understand how your supply chain contributes to your green credentials. Your choice in business electricity is a simple step you can take towards a more sustainable future.

Join us in working towards a 100% renewably sourced future with all the details of how we’ll get there in Our Ten-Year Plan. 6. Supporting Australian Business – When operating an Australian Business, choosing your suppliers is a powerful and impactful choice. When there are choices between locally owned Australian suppliers or multinational corporations, your choice of supplier matters.

Bright Spark Power operates with a procurement policy that prioritises local Australian owned suppliers wherever possible. As an electricity retailer, the Bright Spark Power team believe it is important to invest into the communities in which it operates.

Switching is quick and easy, and all done online

Switching to Bright Spark Power is simple and straightforward. Once your order is submitted online, the local support team will take care of everything for you, including contacting your existing electricity provider and arranging your meter read, so you don’t have to.

No risk to switch your business electricity to Aussie Owned Bright Spark Power right now.

There are no risks to switching your business electricity to a 100% Australian owned electricity retailer like Bright Spark Power. Your electricity supply will continue to be supported by the same round the clock distributor support. The switch will occur without any interruption to your supply or business. We recommend calling us or email to experience our service first-hand, and so we can get a clear understanding of your business needs.

Bright Spark Power offers business electricity customers in NSW and QLD better choice and the opportunity to ensure money you spend on essential services is kept in Australia, supporting Australian business and Australian families, just like yours. In addition, you can expect from Bright Spark Power:

  • Simple and straightforward prices

  • Our Best Rate Guarantee on a 12-month contract

  • 100% Australian owned and operated

  • Local support team available 8am-6pm weekdays on 1300 010 277

  • Focus on growing renewable electricity generation

  • Join today

^Referenced research at shows that out of 42 energy providers just 19 (45%) are 100% Australian owned