Home Solar and EV Charging - The Basics

Free fuel! Free electricity!

Solar, after the investment is paid off, can most definitely mean free electricity. So it makes sense when you are thinking about changing to an electric car, to work out if you can effectively 'fuel' your car for free, with home solar.

One limitation of home solar, is that it is only produced during daylight hours - and very sunny ones at that. But if you have a large enough system - maybe you should consider getting a charger that can 'divert' excess solar to your car....

Bright Spark Power chat to the solar experts at Huglo to answer:

  1. Will my solar PV be producing enough to charge my car?

  2. How long will it take to charge my EV with solar?

  3. ‍How can I make sure I only use solar to charge my car?

  4. ‍Can anyone install a home solar EV charging solution?

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