EV FAQ: Do I need strata by-laws changed to get a personal EV charger in my apartment car space?

There's no doubt electric vehicles are the future for all car owners - apartment and home owners alike. Unlike when you own all of your buildings and property in a home environment, apartment owners need to work with the body corporate to access common property to enable the installation.

Quick overview of strata by-laws

  • By-laws cover the use of common property and how residents should be behave

  • By-laws can cover things like noise, keeping pets, smoking, operating short term rentals - and importantly for EV owners, by-laws often cover parking and common parking facilities.

  • Generally, its the owners corporation that will determine the by-laws that suit lifestyle of the apartment and strata scheme

  • Strata by laws can be introduced to support EV chargers at owners corporation meetings e.g. AGM or EGM.

  • Find out more on the basics of by-laws on the Fair Trading NSW website

Do strata by-laws cover personal EV chargers?

  • Because EVs are new, its likely that your strata bylaws do not explicitly cover the scenarios for the installation and ongoing maintenance of an EV charger

  • Because when installing an EV Charger, the installation team will require access to common property, so the need to allow for that access may be required.

  • The other aspect that may need to be covered is the allocation of responsibility of your new EV Charger, including ongoing maintenance, both within your lot (parking space) as well as on the common property.

  • The new strata by-law that will then support the installation of EV Charging will then be able to be added to your existing strata agreement..

What does a strata by law change need to include, for personal EV charger installation?

  • To assist you in obtaining approval from your Owners Corporation to install your own EV charging station, we provide you with a sample by-law.

  • Our sample by-law for EV charging includes suggested wording around

  • Permission to carry out works to install an EV charger in a personal use apartment car space

  • A description of the works included

  • Who pays for the works and what sort of notice should be given

  • That the EV charger remains the personal property of the owner

  • That the EV charger will be connected to the electricity meter of the apartment owner

  • EV Charger installation plans from Bright Spark Power also include

  • A detailed solution showing pathways of cabling to personal meters, type of equipment

  • Example workmanship

  • Insurance and electrical licence details, so you can be assured you will have a quality apartment EV charger installation

What if my owners corporation won't let me install an EV charger? Bright Spark Power believe it would be truly unusual for an owners corporation to not grant an apartment owner the right to install their own EV charger in a personal space, connected to a personal meter. That is why we provide support by being available to discuss your EV Charger installation request with the other members of the owners corporation. We commonly find that, when we are there with all of the information, and the strata corporation have opportunity to participate in the discussion with us, that the majority of owners corporations provide their support, allowing for your new EV charger installation. The Bright Spark Power Product team can help by working up a proposal for your body corporate to consider:

  • Requesting permission to put a charger in your personal space, in the communal area

  • Explaining how Bright Spark Power charging stations are metered and tracked to individual usage

  • Suggesting the most efficient, and cost-effective ways to develop a site wide plan for EV charging, as they grow in popularity

  • Discussing the investment EV charging offers, in the future value of apartments in the building

  • Providing draft by laws to help short cut approval of the EV charger installation

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