Business Premises Electricity During Lockdown

Updated: Mar 9

Whether you have had to close your doors temporarily for a lockdown period or are operating at a reduced capacity with a takeaway or click and collect service, we know that overheads will be a key concern.

If you have not already done so, there's a few checks you can make to help with minimising your electricity usage keeping these expenses down during the period of restriction. The following types of appliances can be very high consumers of electricity, and included are some suggestions that can help reduce the electricity use:

Air-Conditioners (Ducted/Reverse Cycle) & Heaters

Minimise setting temperatures with high variation to the external temperature. Setting an temperature that is vastly different to the ambient temperature tends to consume more electricity. Also consider turning on air-conditioner/heater earlier i.e. before the building becomes really cool/hot. It is also worth double checking any automated cycle settings that your air-conditioner/heater may have - if you are not using the space consider turning it off at the switch.


If you have two or more fridges, and if it's possible, consider consolidating your items into one fridge and power the others off (remember to soak up the defrost water!). Fridges are constantly working to maintain a specific temperature and may use over 600kWh per year depending on its size. The older and the larger a fridge is - the more energy it will use.

Computer/Television & Media Equipment

Computer screens are high users of electricity. If not in use, unplugging these devices can minimise electricity usage e.g. Laptops when plugged in will operate in high performance mode, thus utilising more electricity vs. operating when unplugged, televisions running in the background. Smaller - but still unused, a smartphone or other charger consumes electricity even when it does not have the device plugged in.


If your business has hot water for any reason, consider that water takes a lot of energy to heat. If the thermostat is accessible on the outside of your hot-water system you could also adjust the temperature to just above 60C (a thermostat cannot generally be set below 60C).

LED and Lighting

It's well known now, to use energy efficient or LED lighting. Incandescent bulbs release more than 80% of their energy as heat (rather than light!), so if you need to switch a lightbulb, know that these will be more efficient. It goes without saying, to turn off lights when not in use.

Mains Switch

If your business is not operating during the restriction period, you may wish to consider turning off the circuits/mains, however, keep in mind any security or remote access equipment that may be connected and that relies on electricity.


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