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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

George Sarkis is the owner of Bella Bacio, it’s one of two café restaurants he owns in Sydney. You can find him in the day-to-day business, making and serving coffee for all his customers. He loves that he and his business have become part of the Lane Cove community and feels a connection to his customers – like family.

This is reflected in the wonderful reviews’ customers leave for George’s business on Google and Facebook. He has a vision of having the best possible service that can be provided, and when he see’s customers coming in and enjoying themselves – he says “it makes it even better”.

Supporting other business in the local community is not just important, its critical for the operation of Bella Bacio Café. He says, “everything is locally made, all our suppliers are local, and fresh. Having a local provider is very important in this business.”

Bella Bacio Café connected their business electricity with Bright Spark Power after a personalised review of their electricity costs. George had been approached by other switching companies and says “Electricity costs in our business is basically the second highest after direct costs. What I found is any other providers promise 15, 20, 30 percent discounts. But at the end of the day, it's all like a mirage, thinking you're getting a very good deal. With Bright Spark Power, we've realised that the price is just right.”

It’s important to Bella Bacio to support local and Australian owned businesses. For Bella Bacio, being able to call Bright Spark Power and get through to a local team without long wait times or pressing any buttons was very important. George says “We can actually call them. We have someone on the other line directly if you have any issues (that need) resolved. It’s very important to have someone local who knows what your business is about … and it's very important that people know that they have choices, local choices. We highly recommend Bright Spark Power, and that's why we are here.

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