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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

A core value of Bright Spark Power is to remain a 100% Australian owned and operated company, to ensure that we deliver on our values and objectives.

As Australians, we want to build a company that doesn’t just make up the numbers in the energy industry, we want to do our bit to make it a better and more sustainable industry for all Australians. In our experience, foreign ownership and shareholders are generally interested exclusively in making as much money as possible. Yes, every business needs to make money otherwise they would cease to exist, but the difference that counts is in how businesses go about it. Who we buy from, what suppliers do we use, what forms of energy do we support are all decisions that are not just about making as much money as possible. When we pay our bills, we want that money going to an Australian supplier, when we purchase energy, we want that energy purchased from a renewable generator. These are our values, and they are captured in our 10 Year Plan.

Our key objectives around remaining 100% Australian owned and operated are: Deliver on the Ten-Year Plan; be a market leader in Customer Experience; and be Responsible Australians.

Deliver on the Ten-Year Plan.

As a business we must maintain a laser focus on achieving the objectives outlined within the Ten-Year Plan. So that we are not distracted, we must maintain our independence and remain 100% Australian owned. This ensures that our objectives and decisions would remain our own, and we would be best positioned and responsible for delivering on the Ten-Year Plan.

Lead in Customer Experience.

Focus on delivering the level of service and security to our customers that we ourselves expect to receive. It is our belief that electricity should be simple, straightforward, and consistent. We have designed our electricity services to meet that criteria, and furthermore, we established the framework, environment, and operations that would provide that level of service into the future.

To maintain this level of service and performance, we must remain in control of the helm. To us this is exclusively a question of direct ownership, direct responsibility, and accountability for the customer and product experience. Once that responsibility is transferred onto another, the customer and product experience are compromised, which is not an option for us.

Be Responsible.

The Bright Spark Power team believes that there is a responsibility that exists when operating as a utility retail service provider. A responsibility to the customer, the environment, the communities in which it operates, and the industry at large. There are business and ethical choices that are made as to how those responsibilities are upheld or ignored.

It is own belief that remaining 100% Australian owned and operated is what enable us to make the business decisions that live up to these responsibilities. Whether it is through choosing local Australian businesses as suppliers instead of large multinational corporations, or keeping every single job in Australia, prioritising purchasing of renewable electricity at every opportunity, and supporting Australian business communities with the Powered by Bright Spark Power programme.

In FY2019-20, $13.2 billion was traded in the National Energy Market. As a participant in that market, with all revenues coming from Australian households and businesses, we take the responsibility of reinvesting as much of that back into the Australian communities, instead of sending that money overseas to foreign owners or offshore support centres.

Our commitment is not just to remain 100% Australian owned and operated, but to also extend that criteria to who we select our suppliers and partners. As part of delivering on our value of transparency we have also developed and published our Bright Spark Power Procurement Guidelines which prioritises the selection of 100% Australian owned and operated businesses.

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