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Updated: Mar 9

Giving more, to business electricity customers

Our programme, Powered by Bright Spark Power, aims to promote local Australian businesses, to a wider Australian audience via purposeful co-created content that shows Aussie business doing what they do best. It's our way of giving back even more to businesses, who have connected with Bright Spark Power.

The Bright Spark Power community is full of interesting businesses, stories and people. When you connect business electricity with Bright Spark Power we take the time to truly understand your business electricity needs, and sometimes that means we get to know our customers personally - we like to think we're truly connecting, not just connecting your business electricity.

It doesn’t just take one to know one… its takes us all to support them.

Being a 100% Australian owned and operated electricity retailer is more than just a value we speak to, at Bright Spark Power. To live the value, we need to not only maintain our independence and ensure all operations are kept in Australia, be conscientious in choosing to work with Australian owned and operated suppliers and partners, we also pledge to do whatever we can, to uplift and recommend businesses that work with us, and that are connected with us.

Aussie businesses doing what they do best.

Our programme, Powered by Bright Spark Power, supports and promotes other Australian owned and run local businesses by creating and promoting content that demonstrates what these businesses do best. You can see an overview of the businesses we support on our page, Business Electricity Powered by Bright Spark Power, read about each of the individual businesses on our blog, and of course you'll see them on our Facebook and LinkedIn News.

The best thing about working with the businesses we work with, is getting to understand the passion the owners have for what they do. We are delighted to be showing local Aussie businesses doing what they do best.

Are you a Bright Spark Power customer with a story to tell? Send us some detail and the best time to call to - we’d love to hear from you.


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