Updated: Mar 31

Please note that the situation described below has been resolved by Endeavour

The following information has been issued by Endeavour Energy for customers in the Endeavour distributor region.

As flood waters continue to rise in Western Sydney, we have been warning customers who live in, or close to, suburbs along the Hawkesbury River system including Cattai, Cornwallis, East Richmond, Glenorie, North Richmond, South Windsor, Windsor and Wisemans Ferry to prepare now for likely power cuts ahead of the expected peak flood levels later today. This is an important public safety measure we must take ahead of predicted peak flood levels. We have advised customers in these areas via SMS and outbound calling to prepare for extended power cuts if floodwaters reach expected peak levels. To keep customers and emergency service workers safe, power was isolated on Sunday to 500 properties in parts of the following suburbs where evacuation orders have been issued including Agnes Banks, Castlereagh, Central Colo, Cobbitty, Colo, Cornwallis, Ebenezer, Freemans Reach, Laughtondale, Lower Portland, North Richmond, Pitt Town Bottoms, Upper Colo and Yarramundi.

Field activity including meter reading and fulfillment of service orders will not be completed in flood effected areas. As we receive more updates regarding properties that have been impacted by flooding with potential damage to their electricity supply or metering, we will make sure that information is provided to Retailers.

At this stage, our primary focus is the safety of our communities, customers and staff, and we have included important information below for those customers who may be impacted by flood waters.

We appreciate your support during this time and will keep you up to date as the situation evolves. Our next update will be at 2pm. Important Safety information for customers:

When a flood warning is issued:

  • move electric pump motors and portable appliances to an area above the estimated flood height.

  • keep your mobile phone charged and check that you have a torch and portable radio in good working order. Stay tuned to ABC radio for emergency updates

  • know the location of your main switch and meter box

  • switch off electricity to non-essential circuits before they are submerged in rising floodwaters

  • download Endeavour Energy’s power outage app and follow us on twitter and Facebook for updates.

If you are asked to evacuate:

  • switch off all appliances

  • cut off all electricity to the household by opening the main switch or removing switch fuses at the main switchboard or meter box.

Do this even if you have been advised that all power has been cut off to your area

  • make sure you have an evacuation kit with your mobile phone, charger, important phone numbers, medicine, and essential supplies.

Treat all power lines as ALIVE and dangerous:

  • keep well clear of ALL POWER LINES and particularly avoid contact with wires which are hanging low or on the ground, dangling in flood water or tangled in trees

  • do not drive across fallen power lines. If power lines have fallen across or have been become entangled in your vehicle, remain inside your vehicle, and call for help. If in danger, open the door and jump well clear keeping your hands off the vehicle and feet together

  • keep a good distance from power wires and poles if boating in floods. If in a wooden or fibreglass boat, do not touch the water or metallic parts of the motor when near wires or poles as they may be alive and dangerous

Before power is restored in the event of an outage Endeavour Energy must inspect the main switchboard and meters of areas that have been flooded. In the interim:

  • do not use electrical appliances which have been in floodwaters

  • do not handle any wet electrical equipment

  • do not replace circuit fuses or restore power to a household which has been flooded until your home has thoroughly dried out and been checked by a licensed electrician

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