Modernising the Grid - AEMC Solar Reforms - Will You Pay to Export Solar?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

As the electricity market changes and evolves with the injection of more renewable generation and local and grid storage - the way you use electricity also continues to evolve.

Yesterday, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) released The new energy guide (, which will drive change for the National Energy Market (NEM) as an outcome of the "small scale generation - solar reforms" review. As the National Energy Market shifts towards increased renewable energy generation, there will be changes to how the electricity grid operates, and the AEMC review is a strategic piece of that change.

There will be a flood of media articles, reports, blogs, and commentary that will follow this announcement, in fact some already have already begun, with some headlines more creative than, "the reforms say that electricity companies can charge for exporting solar to the grid".

With the increased media attention in mind, I wanted to let you know that while there will be industry-wide change as a result of these reforms, Bright Spark Power are involved in these industry discussions to ensure that our customers and Our Ten-Year Plan objectives are represented. Furthermore, these changes will take place over a period of years, not months or days.

What this means for you will vary on your situation, if you already have solar, are planning solar, or don't have solar at all. We have a more detailed article about this if you want a bit of bedtime reading. But it is important that you know that we are not going to start charging you some brand new solar feed-in charge.

As the detailed impact from the reforms are processed and reflected in the electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and metering costs, we will keep you informed of the outcomes and the new opportunities that these reforms will enable us to provide.

In whatever form the changes take, we will be focused on ensuring our existing electricity plans and options remain great value backed by our 100% Australian based team, Our Best Rate Guarantee, and that the delivery of Our Ten-Year Plan, continues unabated.

Change can be disruptive, but it can also mean opportunities... And you never know, these reforms might even enable us to have one or two new exciting (well exciting to us!) things to discuss in the future... we are passionate about making the most of those opportunities for our customers... This is another step towards a Brighter (Spark Power) future.

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The next decade is going to be a period of significant change for the electricity network, and have impact on the retail market as a result. One of our core objectives is to help the transition to increased renewable generation, of which these changes encompass. As new technologies and market changes become available, we will continue help our customers get the most out of their electricity service, in the most simple way possible.

As always, if you have any questions or you would like to discuss with us what you could do to maximise your efficiency from your existing or proposed Solar PV solution, send us an email at or give us a call on 1300 010 277 Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 6:00pm. We are happy to help.

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