Accommodation in Orange NSW with EV Charging

Electric vehicles are taking over the road. Smart hotel and accommodation owners are realising that EV-charging is the must-have amenity for hotel guests (and employees!)

Convenient destination charging at your accommodation in Orange

Forward thinking holiday accommodation providers, Phil and Jill Plasto, recently had Bright Spark Power install a top of the line Ocular IQ Commercial EV charger wall mounted to the carport of the guest accommodation suite, Silverdown, near Orange, NSW

Phil and Jill at Silverdown accommodation in Orange installed an EV charger because they know their guests expect every convenience and luxury when staying with them. Phil said, "Our focus is providing luxury accommodation in Orange. The guest accommodation already provides incredible private views, generous living areas, inviting king-sized beds, complete with luxury linen, underfloor heating, and now our guests have everything they need when they're driving by electric vehicle - now that includes EV charging."

Find Luxury accommodation in Orange with EV charging at Silverdown

The guest accommodation suite has an EV charger wall mounted to the carport where your car will charge under cover, and is ready for guest electric vehicle charging on arrival. The EV charger provides full 22kW fast charging. The LCD display on the Ocular charging unit delivers instant feedback on EV charging status. An LED light will indicate the state of EV charger as charging, or available.

The electric vehicle charger at Silverdown guest accommodation in Orange will work with any type 2 charging vehicle. The EV charger is a type 2 socket EV charger which means you just need to bring along your type-2 travel charge cable and plug your electric vehicle straight in.

Bright Spark Power installed a speedy 22kW charger which can provide you over 110 km per hour charge rate - depending on your car and how empty your battery is of course. Check out our article 'How long will it take to charge an electric car' to work it out based on the electric car you are driving.

This EV charger installation is a top notch installation that will delight any EV owner looking to stay somewhere in Orange that has the convenience of EV charging - the speed will give you a decent top up if you're just stopping back at your accommodation for a rest between exploring the area, or fully charge your EV in a just a few hours if you're travelling home or further afield.

EV Charging in Orange Powered by Bright Spark Power

Silverdown luxury accommodation already has rooftop solar installed so you can have the confidence of knowing your car is being powered by the sun when you charge during the day. When the sun isn't shining, the EV charger at Silverdown in Orange is powered by Bright Spark Power's electricity service.

Kurt who heads up installations at Bright Spark Power was delighted to help Silverdown add the EV charging facility to their accommodation service in Orange. "The charging set up is perfect and it was a great install. For Silverdown, they have a top of the line, yet discreet commercial charger from our partners, Ocular, that will suit any type-2 charger electric car, and for guests staying at the accommodation in Orange they get what is a pretty fast EV charge to make sure they can get about and enjoy their stay in the area with no range anxiety and not having to pay a premium at public EV charging facilities."

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You will find Silverdown luxury accommodation at EV charging at 53 Silverdown Way, Orange NSW 2800. You can book directly on their website or on most of the major accommodation booking sites. Planning your EV road trip using Plugshare? Check what people are saying about the Silverdown accommodation EV charger on Plugshare.


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