100% Australian Business Procurement Guidelines

As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, we aim to embed this as a core company value, and live it. To live the value, we need to not only maintain our independence and ensure all operations are kept in Australia, but to also be conscientious in choosing to work with Australian owned and operated suppliers and partners.

Whether it be the designers and printers we work with for our brochures and branding, the companies we partner with to upgrade our customers to smart meters, who we use for our financial and accounting services, or what brand we print our corporate t-shirts on - we want to choose Australian, and we want to choose local.

As such we have designed and developed our 100% Australian Business Procurement Guidelines. These guidelines are what help to define and determine our supplier and partner selection whenever we are undertaking activities that require specialist support and capabilities. It is our opinion that it is important to invest in local Australian businesses and do our best to give back to the communities that have shown us their support.

Bright Spark Power Procurement Guidelines

  • Source locally owned suppliers

  • Use Australian produced materials

  • Select smaller independent business over publicly listed chains/companies

  • Invest within the communities we operate

  • The choice of supplier should contribute (or not counteract) the delivery of Our Ten-Year Plan

  • We understand there may be exceptions where there is no alternative, or the choice of using an Australian supplier is commercially prohibitive.

Further, we will do whatever we can, to uplift and recommend businesses that work with us, and that are connected with us - be it co-creating content through our connected business programme 'Powered by Bright Spark Power', promoting Australian business we work with, or leaving honest reviews where applicable to businesses we work with, we will work hard to contribute to a strong ethos and ecosystem of Australian owned, and operated, and Australian made.

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