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Where did it all start?

We wanted something better.  

It all started at a weekend BBQ in late 2016. We were discussing living in a time of changing climate and what impact that it will have on our families lives in the coming decades.

​We were all surprised to find that whilst Australians on average were using less electricity per household, the price of our electricity was going up and yet still over 90% was being generated by fossil fuels. However, in other similar countries like Scotland, England, Germany, Netherlands and New Zealand, there was a much greater percentage of their power being generated by renewable sources such as Hydro, Wind & Solar.

​We were disappointed that even though we were paying high prices, there was a lack of adoption and investment in renewable energy in Australia. Even back in 2017, China and India were putting massive investment into renewables to reduce their reliance on coal. Australia was being left behind in the shift to cleaner energy, and there was no real evidence of a plan that would change the situation. So, the question that we asked ourselves was “As individuals, what could we do to make a difference?”

​How could we, a few individuals hope to drive any change in shifting Australian generation from its dependency on coal and gas, and instead generate a demand for renewable generated energy?

​Certainly, we could go back to our jobs and keep talking about it at weekend BBQs, in the hope that someone else does something about it, but would it make a difference, or was there something else we could do?

Our answer was to start a new electricity retailer with the purpose of driving demand for renewable electricity.

Tracking our progress

We know that a plan is only successful if it is actually delivered, so all progress will be monitored and reported here on our website. ​​You can see our Year 1 progress detailed below and we are always updating our blog with the latest information.

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Source 50% of our electricity from renewable sources within five years, and 100% within ten years.

We sourced 8.7% of our electricity from customers’ roof top solar^. The renewable electricity mix for 2021 from the National Energy Market* was 19% in NSW and 11% in QLD. 


Deliver our customers increased visibility and control of their electricity use by providing simple online self-management tools, straightforward pricing and easy-to-read bills.

The year we launched the ability for customers with a smart meter to monitor usage in their Customer Portal. The customer usage data is available to view and download daily, providing usage in 5-30min intervals. We also provide customers the ability to upgrade to a free smart meter at sign up, and we continue to encourage the transition to smart meters to further enable informed electricity use.

2030 Commitment   /   2021 Achievement


Deliver inexpensive and easy-to-install electric car charging solutions for homes, apartments and businesses making it easier to switch to electric vehicles.

This year we launched our electric vehicle charger installation solution and paired it with our new Aussie Car and Home electricity plan to remove the barriers in the uptake to electric vehicles.  After solving the problem of charging your EV at home, in October we expanded our installation solution to also include business EV charging.

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 Deliver a “carbon negative” (not “carbon neutral”) program, where we invest in native forest regeneration to move beyond just off-setting carbon emissions.

We launched our Carbon Neutral partnership with 800 trees purchased to restore habitat in the Australian Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor. We engaged Carbon Neutral to conduct a carbon footprint assessment of CO2 GHG emissions for 2021, and included the measurement of total CO2 emissions for total electricity sold. Tracking this ensures we can deliver carbon negative for the life of our operation.

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Introduce sensible local battery storage solutions with a lower up-front cost, to enable our customers to shift away from coal and gas-generated energy without impacting their lifestyle.

Building on the foundation provided by our proactive smart meter upgrade program, we have begun evaluating the best battery solutions for homes and business. Our plan is deploy a battery pilot program in 2022 to further our progress towards increased renewable energy use.

^Source % of customer solar (PV) of Bright Spark Power total electricity 2021. Data correct on 31 January, 2022. 
* NEM= National Energy Market, AEMO fuel mix data sourced 9 January 2022

Download a PDF copy of Our Ten Year Plan Year 1 Report

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Bright Spark Power have contributed to the planting of mixed native species as part of the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree program in the Yarra Yarra biodiversity corridor of south-Western Australia. Woodlands and forests play a crucial role in cleaning and cooling the air. Their many gifts to humanity include acting as natural water pumps to reduce dryland soil salinity. These green pockets reduce erosion from wind and water, recycle nutrients for agriculture and support habitats for wildlife. Read the blog.

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