Our Best Rate Guarantee

Our Best Rate Guarantee is our promise that your Standard Electricity Usage rate will not rise for the period of your contract, but if we make a rate reduction, your price will be lowered to this reduced rate.
Its our way of being honest with, and loyal to, our customers. If we pay less for electricity from the distributor, we want our customers to pay less too.
'Our Best Rate Guarantee' is available on all 12 month contract plans - residential and business - for all areas that we operate in NSW and QLD.
Our Best Rate Guarantee is available on all Market Retail 12 month contracts including the Residential 12 Month Contract and the Business 12 Month Contract.
Our Best Rate Guarantee is automatically applied. 
We never want our customers to feel like they have to chase the next offer. Know that your rate is fixed unless the rate goes down. If the rate goes down we will tell you via email 10 days before the change is put in place. 
Anything else about Our Best Rate Guarantee?
That's it! It's actually quite simple. We did have to write these details in more 'legal' language in our terms and conditions which you can review here. If you have any specific questions you can always call us between 8am and 6pm on 1300 010 277.

Simple Pricing

Our Best Rate Guarantee. Always be on our best rate. If we reduce our  rate, it applies to you

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If you need to contact us, you will hear from a team member based in Australia


We don't charge more for renewable energy. Follow our Ten Year Plan to 100% renewable.

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