Market Retail Contracts

What is a market retail contract?
A market retail contract are the terms and conditions for the electricity offers from Bright Spark Power and includes all the details of how we provide you a connection, supply the service, our management of the metering services and how and when we send you bills for your electricity service.
If you are a residential customer with a Bright Spark Power Electricity Plan, you will be on a market retail contract. 
Market Retail Contract
Valid until 30th June 2020
Market Retail Contract
Effective as of 1st July 2020
What is the market retail contract fee schedule?
The market retail contract fee schedule includes the non-recurring fees that may apply to a market retail contract service. 
Market Retail Contract Fee Schedule
Effective as of 1st May 2020
Electricity Plan
Each Electricity Plan has specific information which applies in addition to the market retail contract. The electricity plan information is available for download below.
12 Month Contract - Electricity Plan
Effective as of 1st May 2020
No Contract - Electricity Plan
Effective as of 1st May 2020

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