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"Mr ITC independently reviewed our electricity and chose to switch to Bright Spark Power. The pricing worked for us - and its great to support another local business."
- Jacky Barker, In The Cove

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In The Cove,
Lane Cove, NSW

In the Cove is your source of Lane Cove News. Local News matters and In the Cove will cover it. They report on local issues, businesses, events and more. They provide an amazing resource that supports local business in the area. With commercial media outlets that support local communities closing every year this hyper-local resource that turns 9 in 2022 is a huge asset to the local community

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Showcasing everything Lane Cove has to offer

If you want to know what's on, in and around Lane Cove, chances are it's on the ITC Calendar - and if it isnt yet, Jacky will want you to put it there! In the Cove launched as a Facebook page in October 2012. It was published to provide timely Lane Cove news and information. It was founded by Jacky Barker after she saw a new coffee shop opening in town and decided everybody should know about it. The website, came in 2015. To fund the website ITC started accepting paid advertising but made a conscious decision to keep the cost of local business advertising at an affordable rate. All community, charity and sporting events are promoted free of charge. They also have a free jobs board to encourage local jobs for local businesses. In 2022, ITC has over 20k Facebook followers, and thousands receiving their weekly news - as well as being a full time job for Jacky.

A fantastic support for local business

If you’re a local in Lane Cove with a passion for - anything... In the Cove want to help you get your message to the local community. They have a number of Facebook groups with huge followings that ensure events get the coverage they need to see great attendance and great atmosphere. In the Cove also work closely with community centres and service providers as they are an invaluable part of any community and do a wonderful job. If you're a local business, ITC have created a comprehensive local directory to bring local goods and services all together, giving them a direct line into customers every Wednesday on their Facebook 'Business Night' .

How Bright Spark Power support ITC

Jacky is so insistent that local information should be there for locals, we literally had to twist her arm to put her on our 'Powered by Bright Spark Power' programme. What that means is when you connect your home or business electricity to Bright Spark Power using a link from this page, we will credit the ITC electricity account and you will be helping fund the fabulous community resource that is In the Cove. FURTHER - because ITC is part of our Powered by Bright Spark Power programme when you join on Mrs or Mr ITC's recommendation, or from this page all new residential services get an immediate $25 electricity credited, and all new business electricity services get $50 electricity credited. In the spirit of ITC - something for everyone in the community.  

Business energy, Powered by Bright Spark Power

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Our programme, Powered by Bright Spark Power, aims to promote local businesses to our employees, other customers and our following, via specially created, and repurposed content. It's our way of giving back even more to Australian business, who have connected their business electricity with Bright Spark Power.

The Bright Spark Power community is full of fascinating Australian business, stories and people. Are you a Bright Spark Power customer with a story to tell? We'd love to hear more from all business - no matter your size. Send a quick overview, and the best time to call to

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