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Bright Spark Power offer EV-charger installation for EV owners in homes all across New South Wales

EV chargers are compatible with home electricity supply and we will install the appropriate EV charger for your home to match your current electrical set-up


Our EV charging experts make home EV charger installation easy by including detail of cable run, available electricity supply, and how to best use your available space for convenient home charging


Got solar? We can help you make the most of your free solar energy to charge your car


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  • ALL NSW EV Charger Installs

  • ALL Electric Vehicles

  • ALL AC-Charging Solutions

  • ALL Home and Business Set-Ups

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Simply email photos of your meter area and charger location for a customised quote

Home EV charger + installation starts at $1450 when you are a Bright Spark Power electricity customer

  • Our EV charging experts can confirm a quote over the phone or email for a simple carport or garage EV charger installation

  • Estimate $1,450 for a standard, non solar home install, includes: 

    •  Single phase circuit

    • Gen-3 Tesla charger (charger is included!)

    • Up to 10m cable run

    • Up to 4 hours on site for installation

    • Metro location: Newcastle, Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong

    • Switching your electricity service to Bright Spark Power

  • Some conditions and exclusions apply to this offer.

  • Simply email us photos of your meter area and the location for your charger to confirm a personalised quote.

Best value electricity plans for in-home EV charging

The Aussie Car + Home electricity plan bundled with your electric car charger installation is everything you need for in-home electric car charging

  • Electricity plan with peak and off peak rates

  • Lower electricity costs with 19-hrs off-peak electricity for whole-house electricity usage

  • Charge with renewable energy - off-peak car charging pairs with peak renewable generation​

  • Stay in control of electricity usage with granular visibility from your included smart meter​

Electricity plan has Our Best Rate. Guaranteed.

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Incredible off-peak value for charging your electric vehicle AND for your whole household electricity usage

Yes! Get 19 hours off-peak​ electricity on weekdays and 100% off-peak weekends in New South Wales. The rates apply to your entire household electricity usage - not just your car charging.


We've intentionally paired off peak timing for when there's more renewable energy in the grid so your Aussie Car + Home Electricity Plan is not just great for your wallet - its better for the environment too.

Check the exact rates for your address and sign up, email support@brightsparkpower.com.au, or call us on 1300 010 277.


In-home, faster, more renewable charging, with a Bright Spark Power Aussie Car + Home bundle

In-home EV charging frequently asked questions

Should I switch to an EV electricity plan?  

Only electric vehicle owners can take advantage of the Aussie Car + Home electricity plan. This residential time of use electricity plan for EV owners powers all your household electricity at off-peak rates for at least 19 hours a day. This special, electric car electricity plan, is a time of use plan that is timed to charge during economical and sustainably responsible periods of the day. That means your more sustainable electric car will charge at times of the day when there is more renewable energy available in the grid. More benefits to the electric car electricity plan.....


Can I switch to the EV electricity plan now and order my charger installation later?  

Yes - so long as you have an electric vehicle you are eligible to switch to our Aussie Car + Home electricity plan. Sign up your home address and we will be in contact about getting your smart meter installed so you can access the off-peak rates. If you already have a smart meter we can switch you right away. As part of the process we may ask your car registration because the rates are exclusive for EV owners. You can continue to charge your car from a regular power socket while your whole household electricity usage benefits from at least 18 hours off peak electricity per day. Then, when you're ready you can book installation of your wall box charger with us.

How do I get in-home fast EV charging?  

You can charge your electric car from a regular power socket or you can install a dedicated charger in your garage so that you can charge your EV in a matter of hours, rather than overnight. The type of in-home fast charging that we install is generally a fast charging wall box solution that is suitable for the type of electricity supply you have to your home. We can install single phase or three phase EV chargers depending on your electricity supply. You do not need to change from single phase to three phase electricity - single phase will be suitable for charging a car in a matter of hours. We can install an EV charger that you have bought from your car manufacturer, or you can buy our charger.  

How do I get an apartment EV charger ? 

Electric car charging stations in apartments often require permission from strata bodies or changes to strata by-laws – even if you’re proposing to put the charger in your own car space. The Bright Spark Power Product team can help by working up a privately metered apartment electric car charging proposal for your body corporate to consider and then installing the solution. Bright Spark Power are already installing EV charging solutions for apartment owners across Sydney and all of New South Wales, plus we can install apartment electric car chargers in Brisbane and much of south east Queensland. More about apartment EV charging...


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