How to switch to a better deal on

your electricity 


Why switch your electricity provider?

Is your electricity provider 100% Australian owned and run?
  • Some electricity providers may be based in Australia, but are owned by overseas investors which ultimately takes your money out of the Australia.
  • Some electricity providers operate part of their business function, such as customer contact centres, in countries other than Australia.
  • Bright Spark Power is 100% owned and run by Australians, in  Australia, for the benefit of Australians. If you need to contact us, by phone or email, you will be dealing with one of our highly skilled, local, team members.
Does your electricity supplier offer the level of customer service you expect?
  • Maybe you expect to be able to contact your electricity provider and deal with someone based in Australia.
  • Maybe you expect to be able call your electricity provider using a telephone.
  • Maybe when you have a problem you expect it to be dealt with immediately and without requiring 'escalation'.
  • Bright Spark Power's team of highly skilled staff are based locally and available to be called on 1300 010 277 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. If you'd like to request a callback you can do so via our Contact us form.
Do you understand everything in your electricity bill?
  • Some electricity retailers will use complicated pricing, short term discounts, limited time offers, and a variety of different plans and offers to try and win your business, only for those “benefits” to disappear months later.
  • Households may see peak, off peak, shoulder and all sorts of confusing tariffs with different rates applied across one or more meters connected to their home.
  • At Bright Spark Power, all customers on our market retail contract will benefit from simple, straightforward pricing, back by our Best Rate Guarantee.
Are you ultimately paying more than you want to for your electricity?
  • You may want to give your current energy provider the benefit of the doubt, and stick, because you always have
  • You may want to compare energy plans and spend time switching every year to the shiniest new offer 
  • Or you may want to switch to Bright Spark Power, and get your prices fixed for 12 months, unless the price goes down when we'll give you the lower rate, under our Best Rate Guarantee.

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