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Australian farmers in control of business energy costs

Talk to Bright Spark Power about optimising your energy tariff to deliver immediate cost savings to your business

Get a smart meter upgrade at no charge to take advantage of our Aussie Business Time of Use rates 

Smart metering can help you achieve a modern tariff that meets the unique energy needs of agricultural and farm business 

  • Stop paying legacy, high daily supply charges 

  • Actual usage sent daily. No more random people traipsing through your fields, leaving gates open or damaging land to read your meter

  • Access to efficient peak, off-peak and shoulder rates, that help reduce overall energy costs 


  • Monitor electricity usage in 15-30 minute intervals, in your customer portal, enabling improved decision making

  • Great for bore pumps and irrigation solutions that can operate out of peak timing


In a quick phone call we can help you identify the savings you could make on our business tariff. Our team are all based in Australia on the phone 8am-6pm weekdays - or leave a message and we'll call back

Electricity for farms and agricultural business frequently asked questions

I am not sure what tariff type I am currently on?  

Give the team call on 1300 010 277 or email The person who picks up your message will be able to identify your current tariff type and provide advice about what changes could be made in order to get more efficient energy expenditure for your farm.

What does a smart meter need to operate?  

Smart meters send data using mobile networks. Where the mobile signal is weak we install the meter with an additional antennae to ensure its reliable operation.

How do I get the most out of a Time of Use plan? 

Our Time of Use plan provides off peak and shoulder usage periods where the cost of electricity  is lower. This enables you to schedule your usage for more cost effective periods of the day. All your usage data is available in your customer portal, daily, to ensure you always have access to the data you need.

What if I want to install solar in future?  

The first step to understanding how much solar equipment you need to power an area is changing over to a smart meter. Bright Spark Power gives you personal account management with unlimited support to help you get the most out of any solar installation.

Is Bright Spark Power Australian Owned ? 

Bright Spark Power are a 100% Australian family owned and operated business, our focus is providing simple, low rates and the best service the industry has ever seen.  We are a small team of ordinary Australians who want to make energy more simple, more straightforward and more sustainable for Australian homes and businesses. We are proudly licensed to use the famous green and gold triangle kangaroo logo. The best way to find out more about us is to give us a call on 1300 010 277 8am-6pm weekdays.

Any questions? We're happy to help. 
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