Customised electric vehicle charging solutions for your business

Attract a new market of EV drivers to your business

Get a customised business EV charger solution 

Bright Spark Power are experts in commercial EV charging solutions across New South Wales and southeast Queensland. Bright Spark Power can offer your business an end-to-end solution that includes: 

  • Consultation and advice on applying for government funding

  • Free on-site inspections to assess the most practical car charger installation

  • A customised car charging solution for your business premises

  • Electricity plans that allow your business to take advantage of more renewable energy in the grid

We'll help your business assess all the commercial EV charger options

An assessment by Bright Spark Powers business EV charging solution team will help you weigh up options around:

  • Offering a single vs multiple car chargers

  • Offering Tesla vs universal car chargers

  • Offering free vs paid charging

  • Installing single phase vs 3 phase charging

  • Using car charging to promote an environmental message

  • What the best electricity plan for your business would be based on the above decisions

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EV Charging solutions fully customised for your business by the  Bright Spark Power expert team

Business EV charging frequently asked questions

How to take advantage of government funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure  

You may have seen the NSW Government has committed $171 million to help build world class electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next four years. Additionally, the Government is providing grants to small tourism businesses to boost investment in EV infrastructure at regional tourism destinations.

This funding could be available for your business to attract the growing market of EV owners keen to take their new vehicles on holidays across the state. Bright Spark Power is here to help business navigate EV charger installation and attract this new market to their business.



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Single story homes, townhouse or large homes, and apartment building charging solutions



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