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How to connect business electricity with Bright Spark Power


Switching takes just a few minutes:


1.  Find your business address 
2. Choose your Aussie Business Electricity Plan 
3. Customise business contact details and business needs   
4. Securely add business billing info 

Then just sit back and relax! You do not need to contact your current provider - we take care of everything for you. 


Your business electricity service will continue uninterrupted. Your supply will continue to be supported by the same round the clock distributor support. ​

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How to switch electricity to Bright Spark Power

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Five ways to review your business electricity costs:

In a 5 minute call our business electricity support team can help you:

  1. Compare business electricity rates using a past electricity bill

  2. Tell you if we can reduce your business electricity operating costs

  3. Check the best business electricity tariff for how your business uses electricity - time of use vs flat rate

  4. Explain business smart meter upgrades and how to move from legacy metering to modern business electricity tariffs

  5. Explain how Our Best Rate Guarantee fixes electricity rates to deliver cost certainty for your business


Try our Aussie customer service - on 1300 010 277 for all your business electricity questions, 9am-5pm weekdays. No waiting or buttons to press.

Business electricity frequently asked questions

Should I get a time of use or flat rate business electricity plan, and can I change it?

On a single rate electricity tariff, a business will be charged the one rate for electricity, regardless of the time of day the electricity is used. A time of use business electricity tariff will see a business electricity customer charged different rates depending on the time of day they consume energy. In theory, if you mostly use electricity outside of peak times, on a time of use tariff, it is possible that you'll  spend less overall.  It is worth understanding what time of day you use electricity and whether asking to switch tariffs would be better for you, as there are certain circumstances that make it possible to get your tariff changed. Bright Spark Power can help you do this.

Should I upgrade my basic meter to a smart meter for business electricity?
A smart meter is a game changer for business owners and business electricity. A smart meter for your business electricity will allow you as the business owner to more accurately see how much electricity your business is consuming and when, which in turn can help with making informed decisions about energy efficiency or even technological advancements like electric car charge points or solar panel installation. Read our full article on why you should upgrade to a smart meter.

What do customers say about switching business electricity to Bright Spark Power?
"When I made the switch to Bright Spark, I was looking for savings for my business electricity usage. They arranged the switch to a smart meter, and it was a smooth process. I'm now able to make considerable savings on my electricity bill by moving usage to off-peak times. It's a pleasure to be part of the Bright Spark Power family - their support for small businesses , and renewable energy, is something I love. The team goes over and above with friendly support." 
H Ryan, Macksville

How long does switching my business electricity take?

Signing up to a new electricity agreement can be done in just a few minutes on our website. Once we receive your service order we will contact you about transferring your service. We will give you a call to work out the best date to transfer the service. It will depend on your electricity meter type, but we may be able to transfer the service in a couple of days - or possibly even retroactively transfer service to your last meter read date.  

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