Power ON + Bright Spark Power Blog

Bright Spark Power have an agenda to make change within the energy industry, for the greater good of all consumers. Here in our blog, we'll manifest our four key values:

  • Climate Change is happening, take action;

  • Stay 100% Australian owned & operated; 

  • Be honest and transparent; 

  • Keep it simple. 

In addition, you'll find updated progress on Our Ten-Year Plan; information on how we are participating in the regulatory environment for the benefit of households; and how you can join us in taking action on climate change and to support Australian business.

Electric Vehicles (EV)


We're here to help Australia with the transition to electric vehicles as guided by Our Ten-Year Plan. Read all about EV basics, like how long it takes to charge an EV, how much it costs to charge an EV. Or find out more about in-home EV charger installation like how to get an EV charger in your home garage or how to get a personally metered EV charger in your apartment car space. 


Supporting Australians and Australia


Bright Spark Power was founded on the principle that Australian business operating in Australia is good for all Australians. Through benefits to the economy and Australian jobs, and supporting and local communities. Read about how we intentionally remain 100% Australian owned and operated, promote Australian made and owned, how we prioritise Australian suppliers, and how we can even shout out your local Australian business.  


Business Electric Vehicle Charging & Energy Efficiency

Arran Coughlan MD Bright Spark Power with Lane Cove Café Owner George Sarkis.png

We're proud to be supplying local Australian business across NSW with cost efficient electric vehicle charging and energy storage solutions, that will enable reduced energy costs, increased sustainability options, and new and growing revenue opportunities.


Energy Efficiency and Renewables


As well as information to help you make active choices to use less electricity, use electricity more efficiently and use more renewable energy, we are guided by Our Ten-Year Plan to source 50% of our electricity from renewable sources within five years, and 100% within ten years, delivered at a competitive price, providing customers the opportunity to influence Australia’s energy future.​ 


Local and Community Involvement


We're committed to investing in the communities in which we operate. That might involve major sporting or charity sponsorships or helping out with a local fundraiser. It might mean purchasing things from small local business instead of foreign or large multinationals or it might mean spending days on the road to meet our customers face to face - we will do whatever it takes to show our commitment to our local communities. 

Bright Spark Power Electricity Reform Agenda


One of our key values is to be transparent and honest. As a smaller retailer, we have a different perspective that we can bring to industry discussion. We pledge to be constructive members of the electricity industry, and to help be an advocate for customers in industry forums and discussions, with the ultimate objective of reducing the cost of electricity and providing simple transparent and positive change for consumers.


Helping You at Home


Whether you're considering solar, electric cars, moving home or just looking to be more energy efficient we are here to help you manage your electricity service at home.


Rural and Agricultural Electricity


We help Australian farmers stay in control of business energy costs by optimising your energy tariff to deliver immediate cost savings to your business