Apartment EV charging in your personal car space

Separately metered, digitally tracked, personal electric vehicle charging solution for when you live on any floor of an apartment

Are you ready to switch your apartment to the more renewable Aussie Car + Home electricity plan?

You can own an electric car when you live in an apartment

Lindsey is a Sydney EV owner, who lives in a 7th floor apartment and parks 2 levels underground.


Bright Spark Power did a site visit, presented how the charging solution would be cabled 9 floors to a private meter, it was presented to strata and accepted.


After a 1.5 day installation she has her own apartment EV charging solution, with power usage added to her invoice on the Aussie Car + Home electricity plan.

It starts with a site visit, and a cabling plan for you and the strata committee

Kurt from Bright Spark Power, explains what happens at an initial apartment EV charger survey visit.

We'll measure how far your electricity meter is from your car space and prepare a plan to show cabling.


When you and strata accept the plan we will spend a day to a day and a half, completing your separately metered, digitally tracked, apartment electric vehicle charging solution.

We'll help you with documentation and presentation to strata

Electric car charging stations in apartments often require permission from strata bodies. Our team can help by working up a proposal that covers: 

  • Requesting permission to put a charger in your personal space, in the communal area

  • Explaining how the solution is connected to your electricity meter and tracked to individual usage

Get up to $1000-off apartment EV charger installation with everything you need for fast in-home EV charging


Solved: personal electric car charging in apartments, with a Bright Spark Power Aussie Car + Home bundle

Apartment EV charging frequently asked questions

Should I switch to an electric car plan?  

The Aussie Car + Home package bundles your new in-home electric car charger with the Aussie Car + Home Electricity Plan. This special, electric car electricity plan, is a time of use plan that is timed to charge during economical and sustainably responsible periods of the day. That means your more sustainable electric car will charge at times of the day when there is more renewable energy available in the grid. More benefits to the electric car electricity plan.....

How do I get in-home fast ev charging?  

You can charge your electric car from a regular power point or you can install a dedicated charger in your garage so that you can charge your ev in a matter of a few hours, rather than overnight. The type of in-home fast charging that we install is generally fast charging wall box solution that is suitable for the type of electricity supply you have to your home. As part of the Aussie Car + Home bundle, we can install one that you have bought from your car manufacturer, or you can buy our charger. More about in-home fast charging...

How do I get an apartment ev charger ? 

Electric car charging stations in apartments often require permission from strata bodies or changes to strata by-laws – even if you’re proposing to put the charger in your own car space. The Bright Spark Power Product team can help by working up a privately metered apartment electric car charging proposal for your body corporate to consider and then installing the solution. Bright Spark Power are already installing ev charging solutions for apartment owners across Sydney and all of New South Wales, plus we can install apartment electric car chargers in Brisbane and much of south east Queensland. 


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