About Bright Spark Power

Bright Spark Power is a 100% Australian owned and operated Electric Vehcile Charger Installation and Consultancy company operating in New South Wales. We are a small team of ordinary Australians who want to help drive the transition to electric vehicles, making the switch more simple, more straightforward and more sustainable for Australian homes and businesses. Our business is 100% Australian family owned. Bright Spark Power was founded in Sydney's Lane Cove with teams now operating across New South Wales. 

Proudly 100% Australian Owned and Operated, supporting local business 


Committed to creating more Australian jobs and investing in local communities

100% Australian support, if you need to contact us

Bright Spark Power are a 100% Australian owned energy provider. We are 100% Australian operated. That means if you want to call us - all our team are based in Australia. If you call you're likely to speak to teams based in regional NSW including Coffs Harbour, the Central Coast and Orange. We also have team members based in Western Sydney, and in Lane Cove, where we were founded.

The entire team are working hard to deliver the service you expect from an Australian owned energy provider - its one of the reasons we started this business. So go on, give us a call 1300 010 277 weekdays 9am to 5pm, or email us.


Bright Spark Power reviews

"We decided to preference an Australian company and Bright Spark offered a good rate charge, which we felt better suited our expected energy usage"

"The best thing I did was switching to Bright Spark Power . They communicate extremely well, follow up on promises and are very professional"

"The move to Bright Spark Power was seamless! The pricing model was straight forward. Just set and forget and always know that I am on the best price"

Bright Spark Power
Powering the Change to Electric Vehicles